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Welcome to Dilwyn Jones's QL information and PD software download pages. All of the material here is for the Sinclair QL and compatible computers and emulators only, unless otherwise stated. The site is split into sections - just click on the links in the box to the left to get to where you want, or use the site search box above to search for something (note: needs to have Javascript enabled in your browser - if not, try the simplified search system below). If you haven't visited recently you may wish to refresh your browser to make sure you have the latest copy of this page - try pressing F5 in your browser.

PLEASE NOTE: if you encounter difficulties accessing pages on this site, try the backup site at

The Sinclair QL

The Sinclair QL is a vintage computer first produced in 1983/4 and still used by many worldwide. If you are into retro-computing at all, the QL is an ideal choice of computer. It has a wonderful multi-tasking operating system called QDOS and a great on-board SuperBASIC interpreter for those who like to try their hand at the odd bit of programming! A newer operating system for QL is called SMSQ/E. The QL has spawned several compatible computers, including the Q40, Q60, Thor and Aurora, plus several QL emulators which run on computers as diverse as PCs, Amigas, Ataris, Macs (68K, PPC and OSX) and Linux systems. More information on the QL is available from the About The QL pages on this site.

QL Manuals and ROM images

If you need a QL manual, look here. An online QL user guide may be found here. An eBook version of the QL user guide is here. Replacement manuals for older QL hardware such as floppy disc interfaces may be found here. For QL ROM images (e.g. for use with emulators) look here.

Software Downloads

All of the software here is either freeware, PD, shareware or charity-ware unless explicitly stated otherwise. If you discover that any software on this site should not be here for copyright or any other reasons, please let me know as soon as possible so that the offending software may be removed. Similarly, if you discover any errors, please let me know so that I may try to correct them.

Broken executables, lost dataspaces and executable file headers after unzipping in Windows (program gives a "bad parameter" error after unzipping in non-QDOS environment), etc - have a look at this blog post.

Zip Files

Most of the QL software packages on this site are in zip file format - QL Zip and Unzip packages are available from the Archivers page on this site, and current versions can also be obtained from the website of the official maintainer of the QDOS Info-zip package, Jonathan Hudson. Note that if QL programs are unzipped using non-QDOS versions of Unzip, the QDOS executable file header will usually be lost and the programs may not work as intended. Information on the use of Zip/Unzip and transferring files can be found here.

PC/QL File Transfer

What with using our PCs to download files from the internet and the widespread use of QL emulators, file transfer between the QL and other computers is a very real issue. This article deals with the use of Unzip, file transfer software, rawdisk and so on. A second article deals with using serial cable links between computers to transfer files.

New or Returning To The QL?

Returning to the QL after a period of absence, or new to the QL? Try this page. It also deals with the tricky subject of connecting a QL to modern TVs and monitors. This website also has a page with some useful articles about various QL-related subjects, and all sorts of useful documents and replacement manuals.

Also, view a Glossary of Terminology here

Site Search

The site search facility near the top of the page depends on having Javascript enabled in your browser. If unable to use the above version of the site search box, try this version:

QL Forum

QL Forum is THE forum for all QL (and compatibles) users. Keep in touch with other QL users worldwide, exchange ideas, ask for help, even an online chat facility. The QL Forum itself is at and you can see a summary of active topics in the box below if you have Javascript enabled - click on one of the links in the box to read more.

Important note: Looks like messages from my contact form on this site are not being received again. If I haven't responded in a day or two, contact me via some other method (e.g. Private Message via QL Forum). Sorry about this, the internet is filtering the messages out somewhere between domain forwarding and receipt which I have absolutely no control over. Or, you could probably try rephrasing your message so certain spammy keywords don't activate spam filters.

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"QL Users Do It In Black" - anon.

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The News Column

Picture of a CD
picture of QL On A Stick
QL On A Stick
Launchpad image
Click on a picture above for more information.
v2.10 updates now available - if you have already got an older copy of Launchpad and would like to update, download the zip files from the Launchpad page. The link to the downloads page is on the bottom of that page.

QL Personal Banking System
The QL Personal Banking System from Jack Gibbons is now freeware and available to download from the Business page.

vDrive Page
Created a new page for vDrive downloads and information.

vDrive Psion Programs
vDrive versions of Abacus, Archive, Easel and Quill v2.35 added to Psion Programs page.

SMSQ/E Guide v1.06
The SMSQ/E manual is now available to read online or download in various formats from the eBooks page

Stiqqies v1.03
A new version of the Stiqqies sticky note software now available from Misc page.

Facebook QL Page
I've started a QL page on Facebook - go to

15th Italian QL Meeting
14th October 2018 in Modena, Italy!

New Q68 Page
A new page with manuals and software downloads specifically for the new Q68 Sinclair QL successor motherboard.

14th Italian QL Meeting
The 14th Sinclair QL Italian meeting will take place on Sunday 5th November
2017 at DTM Technologies premises in Modena. Further details on the QL Shows page.

Tetroid Interfaces
Russian QL hardware developer Tetroid has released several QL interfaces and is working on more. For example, a Trump Card compatible interface with or without a Qubide and Compact Flash card system, and the latest a Gold Card clone and now a multi-ROM board. Produced in small batches, they are available via
Q68 Announced
A brand new FPGA-based QL derivative board announced, with anticipated availability mid-October. Designed by the designer of the Q40 and Q60, Peter Graf. Initial information and pictures here.

Q-Dock & Launchpad now Freeware
The Q-Dock program dock software for Window Manager 2 systems has now been made freeware. Download it here. Launchpad versions 1 and 2 also made freeware and may be downloaded here.

QLiberator logo
Liberation Software's compilers and QLoad/QRef now available to download here.

uQLx 2017
Brand new 2017 release of the uQLx emulator for 32- and 64-bit x86 and ARM (6/7/8) platforms - see Emulators page

BMP Graphics
Brand new v1.03 update of the BMP graphics viewer and conversion program available from Graphics page.
New QubATA Driver For QUBIDE
Alain Haoui has released the new QubATA driver for QUBIDE cards, fitted with the newer v2 GAL chip upgrade. Many new and enhanced commands, supports up to 2GB and supports AUDIO CD playing via CD-ROM! Version also available for Q40/Q60. Further details - see QL ROMs page.

SMSQ/E Manuals v1.04
Latest versions of the SMSQ/E and SBASIC manuals available to download or read online here.

Italian QL Preservation Project and Sinclair Retro BBS
Simone Voltolini and others in Italy have been working to preserve original QL software in their original media format, and have also set up a Sinclair retro BBS. read more about it here.

QaLendar 2017
The 2017 QL Calendar is now available to download here.

Martin Head's IPnet, IPLocalNet and IProuter software now available to download from Internet, Networking And Communications Page. *NEW v1.09 09/02/17*

A modern, compact, ready to run QL environment with applications, demos, desktops, games, tools and utilities. Includes supports for emulators and other QL compatible platforms. Download it from

Bob Spelten jr.'s GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP file viewer. Convert many graphical files to QL PIC files or even to QL sprites. Great for high colour systems - download SQRview from Bob's site at

New taskbar and start menu system for SMSQ/E or QDOS+Pointer Environment v2 systems - download here.

Black Phoenix
A large collection of QL software from Quantum Technology (Giorgio Garabello) - full information and download at

SMSQ/E Manual 1.03
Minor revision to the SMSQ/E manual, also now available as online HTML version via the Documentation page.

QL Mini-Workshops
A series of QL mini-workshop meetings in Manchester, England throughout 2016. Further details here.

JPEG, GIF and PNG Converters
David Westbury (author of Photon) has released the FJPEG, FGIF and FPNG to QL PIC file graphic converter functions - download them here.

Assembler eMag
Issue 3 of the Assembler eMag is available to download as a PDF from Norman Dunbar's website.

Version 2.16 of this Java-based QL emulator is now available - download free from 
A new free occasional QL eZine from Timothy Swenson. Download free from (scroll to the bottom of that page and click on 'smsqzine' links)

New program dock for QL systems with Window Manager 2. Make use of your high colour QL-compatible systems.
Q-Dock page

The 500 sprites supplied with Q-Dock are now also available for Launchpad v2.02 or later - download the Launchpad versions from the Q-Dock page too.

New screen magnifier software for high resolution SMSQ/E systems - download free from Misc Programs page.

New Pointer Environment
The latest pointer environment files ptr_gen 2.05, wman 2.07 and hot_rext 2.31 (the latter in French, German and English versions) are now available to download from my PE page.

QL Games Box-Sets
RWAP Software have released 4 box-sets of games for the QL (two sets of adventures, two of general games)- grab them now while available via

New QL Games
Wolfgang Lenerz has released two new QL games - SoQLoban and Atomics. Download them free here.

QL Is 30
THE QL event of 2014. Celebrate 30 years of the Sinclair QL in Edinburgh in October. Click here for further details

TURBO Updated
Updated versions of Turbo Compiler and Turbo Toolkit now available from the Turbo page.

SMSQ/E Manuals
New version of the SMSQ/E manuals available to download from the eBooks page..
QL-SD page
A new page specifically for the QL-SD device, starting with the software starter pack, manual and BDI specification document.

FDI Driver
Martin Head has now released a version of his MDI driver (see below for MDI driver) to work with floppy disk images. The sources are now available for both! Click here for Utilities page.

Marcel Kilgus has made the QPC2 QL emulator freely available. Download it here.

QPAC1 and QPAC2 software and manuals can now be freely downloaded here.

Do You Play QL Games?
RWAP Software is offering the complete Sinclair QL Games Collection 1 (10 commercial QL games) for only �5.00 on SellMyRetro until the end of March 2014

A fantastic former commercial 3D graphics program for QL has now been released as freeware - see the Graphics page to download Concept 3D software.

MDI Driver
Make images of your favourite microdrive cartridges for use with QL emulators and systems with no microdrives with this new software from Martin Head - download it here.

QaLendar 2014
The QL Calendar for 2014 is now available to download here.

BMP v1.02e
Bob Spelten jr. has updated my BMP graphics converter program - download it free here.

ProWesS files
The ProWesS system from PROGS is now freely distributable - get the packages here.

Follow my QL blog!
I've decided to inflict my QL thoughts on you - read the blog here.

A5-format QL User Guide and QPC Concepts/Keywords guides now available on eBooks page
Xchange 3.90L updated by Rich Mellor - download here.

SMSQE Sprites Java program from Wolfgang Lenerz to convert gif/bmp/tif/png/jpg graphics to  SMSQ/E sprites available from Sprites page.
D-Miner (Minesweeper clone) by Per Witte now available to download from Games page

GST QL Assembler, Macro Assembler and Q-Mac for QL now available to download from assembler page.
Two new programs on Files page.
WIN-DOS helps with reading and setting WIN and DOS drive paths, while Sync is a program to synchronise content of two QDOS/SMSQ media.

SMSQ/E machine emulator under Java launched January 2013. Find it at

A QL-themed calendar for 2013 to download and print!

Sample from QJewels game
QJewels game for GD2 systems (e.g. QPC2) by Tobias Fr�schle. Go to the Games page or click on image above.

Q-emuLator logo
Major new releases of Q-emuLator for Windows and Mac OSX - click on the logo above for more!
QL Forum
A QL forum has been set up by Peter Scott and Rob Heaton. Join it at
ZX81 Emulators CD
2011 marked 30 years of the ZX81 computer, so I released a CD with ZX81 emulators for various operating systems - further information here.
QL Today Index
Complete index to all volumes of QL Today magazine now available here.
Quanta Website Back Online
Quanta (QL user group) is still going and has a website at
Quanta is now on Facebook too. Click here to have a look

eBooks Initiative
I've started converting QL documentation to eBook formats for use on tablet PCs, eBook readers etc. See what's available so far here.

Online QL Manual
For occasional or new QL users, an online HTML QL manual is now available - see here.
New page about the  alternative QL operating system from the 1980s.