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Last Updated: 12.02.2018

Backup - Backup is, unsurprisingly, a program for backing up files. Can re-create the directories list on your backup drive. Also shows how you can have "tabs" and clickable column headers with QPTR. Needs the menu extensions. This version allows you to backup individual directories. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (104K) [30/06/14]
Backup Sources - the source files are also available for the Backup program. (37K)

Bruz - backup and restore utility, with compression (Jonathan Hudson) (400K) [4/5/03] - Filemap v1.02 A utility to estimate the number of 720K(1440 Sector) disks required to Back-up a Hard Drive. (Phil Borman) (1K)

Hardback - Hard disk backup program (Jan Bredenbeek) (3K) [4/5/03] Hardback and Finder from Chas Dillon. Sources here. (Chas Dillon) (75K) [12/02/18]

Laidback - Hard disk backup program (Jonathan Hudson) (5K) [4/5/03]

Norback - hard disk backup program (Arvid Borretzen) (89K) [4/5/03]

TGBack v108- Hard disk backup utility allowing unattended operation or operations from a shell (console channel redirection allowed). Destination syncing added (Thierry Godefroy) (23K) [4/5/03]

Winback - hard disk backup program, incremental backups, split large files etc. Source files also available, see below. (Norman Dunbar) (110K) [4/5/03]

Winback sources - the source files for the Winback system (Norman Dunbar) (127K) [4/5/03]

Zipback - backup program which uses Zip and Unzip (Graham Underwood) (30K) [4/5/03]

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