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Last Updated: 07.11.16

Compound Interest (35K) - pointer driven compound interest calculation program

Coinage (3K) - a SuperBASIC program to help calculate how many notes/coins are needed to pay given amounts in cash, e.g. wages (UK currency only)

Decision Maker and Project Planner (271K) - two classic QL business programs, updated by Rich Mellor

Entrepreneur (645K) - a risk analysing tool, updated by Steve Hall

Euro Currency Converter (26K) - a pointer driven exchange rate converter, from Beginners Club of Italy. (27K) - GD2 version 1.60 of Euro Converter, now also with Greek, Slovenian, Cyprus and Malta Euro currency conversion. (28K) - v1.70 of Euro Currency Converter, produced specially for the 2014 Italian QL meeting. Now includes EEK (Estonian Kroon), LVL (Latvian Lat) and SKK (Slovak Koruna) currencies. GD2 compatible. (Andrea Carpi)

Finance (34K) - a personal finance program. Includes a demo file, SAM1991_data. Also available is a second version with slightly larger files, so it might be more recent - click here.

General Ledger (725K) - The General Ledger package from SD Microsystems is now available to download. A scan of a short review in QL World magazine is included in the zip file.

Home Finance - formerly commercial program from Buzzz Software, now available as freeware. QL Home Finance is a very powerful and flexible home finance program. Extensive manual supplied as several Quill _doc files within the zip file. Both 128K RAM and expanded memory versions supplied, although it's possible the expanded memory version may ironically not work too well on anything larger than Trump Card-sized memory (i.e. more than 1MB, e.g. Gold Card). (Francis Ainsley) (100K) (18/02/14)

Loans (1K) - a loan repayment calculator, written in BASIC

Mail Merge (60K) - a mail merge program for Quill and Archive

Metric Conversions (3K) - Metric conversions utility written in BASIC - Repayment Mortgage Cost Analysis v1.0 Helps you to work out the total & monthly cost of a mortgage. Includes SuperBASIC and Executable versions. (John R. Bows) (11K)

Phone Costs Calculator (63K) by Mark Knight

QL Cash Trader updated version originally sold by RWAP Software, including the sources. This is an upgrade of the Chas Dillon version of this program which can be found here. (Rich Mellor & Chas Dillon) (284K)

Qlerk (237K) - a financial package for personal/small business use (Bill Cable)

QL Invoicer - QL Invoicing Pack 2 is now available as freeware, thanks to Steve Denson of SD Microsystems. Includes Sales Ledger, Invoicing, Statements... (FLP version) (34K) [17/05/14]
MDV version
(34K) [17/05/14]

QL Payroll updated version originally sold by RWAP Software, including the sources. This is an upgrade of the Chas Dillon version of this program which can be found here. (Rich Mellor & Chas Dillon) (108K)

QL Small Trader System (151K) - Steve Denson at SD Microsystems has kindly allowed us to make this available as freeware in order to preserve this valuable QL business software. The software includes Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, General Ledger, Sales Invoicing, Statements, Mailing List, Stock Control, Telephone Directory, Billboard, Label and a Conversion Suite. Manuals included in the form of three Quill doc files. N.B. If you have an older version of this software, the version numbers of each module are in REM statements in the first line of the relevant module. [17/05/14]

QL Stock/Accounting System (91K) - the companion package to the QL Small Trader System. This comprises Sales Ledger, Stock/Invoicing, Statements and Stock Control. A Quill doc file manual is included. [17/05/14] (202KB) - Ready made business letters in plain text format (from USA) (172KB) - Another disk of ready made business letters in plain text format (also from USA)

Vat Calculator (16K) - pointer driven Value Added Tax calculator (Roy Wood)

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