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Last updated: 21/12/20

bison.zip - Bison is a general-purpose parser generator that converts a grammar description for an LALR(1) (LALR=Look Ahead Left-Right) context-free grammar into a C program to parse that grammar. Once you are proficient with Bison, you may use it to develop a wide range of language parsers, from those used in simple desk calculators to complex programming languages. Bison is upward compatible with Yacc (Yet Another Compiler Compiler): all properly-written Yacc grammars ought to work with Bison with no change. Anyone familiar with Yacc should be able to use Bison with little trouble. You need to be fluent in C programming in order to use Bison. Bison was written primarily by Robert Corbett; Richard Stallman made it Yacc-compatible. This edition corresponds to version 1.20 of Bison. Ported to QL by Dave Woodman (221K)

C68 Compiler v4.24f - THE C compiler for QL systems! Maintained by Dave Walker. Latest updates and all kinds of downloads for C68 from the author's website at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/itimpi/index.htm - click on the C68 for QDOS link further down that page.
Runtimes disk 1 - main system disk with compiler, header files and libraries. (311K) [9/3/03]
Runtimes disk 2 - boot files and utilities. (336K) [9/3/03]
Runtimes disk 3 (optional) extra utilities. (236K) [9/3/03]
Documentation 1 - for compiler programs and general documentation. (241K) [9/3/03]
Documentation 2 - for libraries and utilities. (209K) [9/3/03]
424fsrc1.zip - Sources for C68 v4.24f disk 1 (547K)
424fsrc2.zip - Sources for C68 v4.24f disk 2 (397K)
424fsrc3.zip - Sources for C68 v4.24f disk 3 (673K)
424fsrc4.zip - Sources for C68 v4.24f disk 4 (580K)

C68_A68_v4_5b_update.zip - C68 and A68 Update v4.5b Updates C68 to v4.5 Beta (56K)

C68 Desk - Desktop v1.0 to handle C68. Needs pointer environment (K Greiner) (27K) [9/3/03]

C68HotKeyThingFix.zip - A Fix for the C68 Hotkey/Things Library. (Jonathan Hudson) (20K)

C68 Tool 2 - C68 Tool v2.75, a menu driven C68 project manager (Thomas Roesner) (42K) [9/3/03]

C68Patch.zip - C68 Patch. This Program Patch305_bas patches the startup code of programs compiled with early versions of c68 ie version 3.01 to version 3.05 at least so that they run without crashing the machine on a SuperGoldcard with cache enabled. Later versions of c68 i.e. greater than 4.12 do not  have this problem. Needs Toolkit II. (David Gilham) (2K)

C68 Bug Fixes - a rather old collection of bug fixes and updates for C68, included here mainly for posterity. No indication of version numbers, unfortunately. (Erling Jacobsen) (18K)

C Debug Tools - 'Lib Debug' and 'Lib Malloc' (24/8/92 release) (112K) [9/3/03]

Cephes Maths Library v1.0 (Stephen L. Moshier) (302K) [9/3/03]

C Example for programming with Easymenu. V1.0. PE required. (9K) [9/3/03]

ConRead.zip - Conread_c. The source code for an extended CONREAD. This routine is called from the 'read' call. It handles input from the console/screen device. The idea of vectoring the call into this routine is that this makes it possible to replace this routine with a full terminal emulator if so desired. This can be done in a way that is transparent to user level programs. (5K)

CPtr - CPtr is a utility for producing pointer environment programs in C, from George Gwilt. Note that the SETW program is now available separately - see below. (181K) [09/10/08]

cptrs11.zip Sources for the CPtr package from George Gwilt (13K) [23/02/06]

C QD Thing - for QD editor to compile C programs. v1.0 (Oliver Fink) (3K) [9/3/03]

C Tools - C programming tools 1 - Cproto, Indent, Unproto. (218K) [9/3/03]

C-Tutor - a text-based tutorial for those learning C, with a QL text file viewer included. (209K) [9/3/03]

Curses Companion Disk - The main C68 issue disks contain the binaries and sources for the LIBCURSES library. This is additional material including documentation utilities and examples that may be useful to those who are trying to write new curses based programs.Note that the QDOS Curses implementation is directly based on the Unix/Posix definitions for such facilties so any material that refers to those variants should also be relevant to the QDOS implementation. (173K) [20/04/16]

The Curses library itself (from C68) was found to have a bug which affected scrolling. Graeme Gregory has produced a fix for the LIB_curses.a binary file, available from his github repository at https://github.com/xXorAa/c68-support . For anyone interested in the code fix itself, see https://github.com/xXorAa/c68-libcurse/commit/0ff893a2cc804f62e61d21f078d28ba33dd194c9 [03/08/21]

CView 26 - pointer driven 'C' shell program to front C68 compiler (Jonathan Hudson) (63K) [9/3/03]

digic.zip Digital C Special Edition. Formerly sold by DP Ltd, the author has now given me permission to make this C compiler available as freeware. The manual, a QL plain text file called SPC_TXT, is included in the digic.zip file, or available separately here. Sources available below. (Gerry Jackson) (125K) [02/08/09]

dcsource.zip The source files for Digital C SE. Make sure you read the README.HTML file contained in the zip file. (Gerry Jackson) (107K) [30/08/09]

Dirent - IEEE dirent libraries to read out subdirectories on QDOS. v2.20 (14K) [9/3/03]

DIRFix.zip - DIRFix. Fixed readdir() and opendir() for C68 V4.20a. (5K) [22/05/16]

flex247.zip - Flex (Fast Lexical Analyser) is a tool for generating scanners: programs which recognize lexical patterns in text. Flex reads the given input files (or its standard input if no file names are given) for a description of the scanner to generate. The description is in the form of pairs of regular expressions and C code, called rules. Flex generates as output a C source file, 'lex.yy.c', which which defines a routine yylex. Compile and link this file with the `-lfl' library to produce an executable. When the executable runs, it analyzes its input for occurrences of the regular expressions. Whenever< it finds one, it executes the corresponding C code. Ported by Dave Woodman (166K)

GNUdiff.zip - GNU C 'diff' utility for QDOS. The port consists of the programs diff, dif3, cmp and sdiff. Needed for the RCS system on Misc Programs page. Ported by Erling Jacobsen. (308K) [23/09/95]

GST QC - Two versions, Not being C literate, I'm afraid I don't know the full differences between the two zip archives, so both presented here in good faith, hoping someone knows enough to be able to sort out which is the best version to keep.

GST QC - C compiler and IDE originally published by GST, now released as freeware on a non-profit basis by Jeff Fenton of GST (245K) [19/02/12]
GST_QC_C_Development_System_Manual.pdf - Manual for the GST QC development system. Note file size before downloading! (21MB) [19/02/12]
GST_QED-ScreenEditor_Manual_scanned.pdf - Manual for GST QED screen editor (1.6MB) [19/02/12]
GST_QC_1985-11_QLW_Ad.PDF - GST's 2-page QL World advert for the GST QC system (330K) [19/02/12]

gstqc2.zip (301K) GST-QC compiler. Alternative version download, PLUS as a QXL.WIN by Urs Koenig for use with emulators such as QPC: click here to download the zipped qxl.win (544K).
In July 2010, GST kindly gave permission for their QL software to be released as freeware. This is the original MDV version of the compiler which will also run on FLP. Note that the third MDV contains an updated version of the compiler - see the last Appendix in the manual for details.
QC Manual - available to download as Word .doc (187K), .pdf (206K), or a zipped quill _doc (50K) file

GST QC QDOS disk image, supplied by John Powell, together with a zip file of images of a compilation in action.
C_GST_Boots.zip (116K)
autoCompilePics.zip (307K)

GST_C_Shell.zip - GST "C" Shell. A shell program, written in SuperBASIC, for use with the GST "C" compiler. Needs Toolkit II. (2K)

Indent - GNU indent 2.2.0, formatting tool for C programmers (Jonathan Hudson) (252K) [9/3/03]

Libc 421c - A C library (64K) [9/3/03]

LibCPort - SuperBASIC keywords library v1.31 for C68 and SuperBASIC-CPort. SuperBASIC-CPORT is a separate program from Digital Precision (not included with this libcport package) to convert SuperBASIC programs into C. (220K) [9/3/03]

Libjpeg - v6b of this graphics library for C68 (Roberto Porro) (945K) [9/3/03]

Liblist - Source and documentation files for listqdos.zip (LibList) below. (161K) [9/3/03]

LibVT.zip - LibVT v0.02 A VT52/VT100/ANSI display library for c68. One of the problems you encounter with programs from the MSDOS world is that many of the programs use ANSI escape sequences to control the screen display. With libvt, the problems disappear, just use standard C output functions like printf, puts etc with the original ANSI codes, and your QL screen behaves (almost) like a PC. (Jonathan R Hudson) (37K)

ListQDOS - Binaries for LibList, a handler for lists and related structures. (23K) [9/3/03]

Libmcrypt - v0.1.0 library for cipher algorithms SERPENT, TWOFISH, RIJNDAEL, CAST, 3DES etc for C68, ported by Thierry Godefroy. (153K) [9/3/03]

Libmhash - libmhash library v0.8.2, hash algorithms MD5, SHA1, CRC32 etc for C68, ported by Thierry Godefroy. (159K) [9/3/03]

Libpng - "libpng" v1.0.11 graphics library for C68, ported by Thierry Godefroy. (406K) [9/3/03]

Lock - v0.03 of a semaphores system for C68 (Jonathan Hudson) (406K) [9/3/03]

QDOS-GCC - This is a gcc cross-compiler for Linux which is able to generate QDOS/SMS executables. Qdos-gcc is maintained by Richard Zidlicky, Jonathan Hudson, Thierry Godefroy and Dave Walker.
gcc-core v2.95.3 sources (6.5MB)
qdos-gcc patch (36K)
qdos-gcc utilities v2 (63K) this version fixes a double-free bug in slb that triggers segfaults with modern glibc systems.
libc.a v4.24.5 sources (375K)
gcc v2.95.3 bugfixes (7K) various bugfixes borrowed from Mandriva's gcc v2.96 (which is actually gcc v2.95.2 with many patches, part of which have already been merged into v2.95.3). Optional, but recommended.
Further information about qdos-gcc on Thierry Godefroy's website at http://morloch.hd.free.fr/qdos/qdosgcc.html 

QMenu - A QMenu (menu_rext from Jochen Merz) library for the C68 compiler (Jonathan Hudson and Christopher Cave) (76K) [9/3/03]

Q-Prof - C68 Profiler (Francois Lanciault) (53K) [9/3/03]

QPTR Companion - v3.05, a C library for pointer environment. Includes work by Tony Tebby and also EasyC by Bob Weekes. (156K) [9/3/03]

SETW produces PE window definitions for S*BASIC, C and Assembler programs. Suitable for use with Cptr, Tptr, etc. (George Gwilt) (117K) [29/06/12]

SETW sources Source files for the SETW package. (George Gwilt) (79K) [29/06/12]

ulibca02.zip Updated C68 libc_a library containing corrections and new WMAN (66K) [23/02/06]

UTIME4C68.zip - UTIME fix for C68.  UTIME updates for C68 Release 4.20a. (3K) [22/05/16]

WinExplore - v2 of a C68 demo to explore window events, sources and wm_rptrt (read pointer with timeout) code (Jonathan Hudson) (73K) [9/3/03]

Xdemo - Libxmenu v1.12 demo (Jerome Grimbert) (28K) [9/3/03]

Xmenu - v1.12 binary, C68 library to ease writing of pointer environment programs (Jerome Grimbert) (13K) [9/3/03]

Xmenu Sources - Source files for Libxmenu (Jerome Grimbert) (20K) [9/3/03]

XTC68 - Lets you use C68 on DOS and Linux systems.
XTC68LUX.ZIP - XTC68 for Linux, 24/02/97 release. ELF binaries compatible with kernels 1.2.x and higher. (compiled by Jonathan Hudson) (117K) [29/08/14]
XTC68DOS.ZIP - XTC68 for DOS, 24/02/97 release. C68 cross-compiler to compile QDOS progs under DOS. (compiled by Jonathan Hudson) (415K) [29/08/14]
XTC68LIB.ZIP - XTC68 libraries and include files. (compiled by Jonathan Hudson) (257K) [29/08/14]

XTC68 for Posix/Linux was updated in 2014 by Jonathan Hudson. You can find the most recent version of the sources on Github. In case of difficulty, you can download the zipfile I downloaded in Nov 2018 here (742K).

Some cross-compilers such as XTC68 include something called an "XTcc Field" embedded within the program code to idicate what the program dataspace should be. The significance of this is that it may be required for the purposes of restoring the executable file header once the "cross-compiled" program is transferred to a QL filing system. There is an article about executable file headers on my blogat https://dilwyn2.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/magic-fields-executable-headers/comment-page-1/#comment-478 and over on QL Forum you'll find a listing in BASIC from Norman Dunbar for how to detect and make use of the XTcc Field.

Zlib 113 - A port of the "zlib" library v1.1.3 for C68. Zlib is a general purpose data compression library. (ported by Thierry Godefroy) (140K) [9/3/03]

Other language compilers can be found on the Languages page.

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