Chas Dillon Sources section

Last Updated: 01/12/09

These zip files contain sources of QL programs written by Chas Dillon and formerly sold by PDQL and DP Ltd. With the permission of everyone involved, Chas has kindly released these source files so that people wishing to update these QL programs to work on more modern systems may do so. You will need a copy of the Turbo compiler to recompile these SuperBASIC sources. Some of these packages contain instruction files, usually in The Editor format. Please note that Editor has since been re-worked by Mark Knight - that version is available from the Editors And Viewers page on this website. Better Basic v2.24 sources. (22K) Better Basic v2.25 source and binary - amended slightly to work in SBASIC by changing a variable to avoid a clash with the QUIT keyword in SBASIC, then recompiled with current version of Turbo. (39K) Cash Trader v3.3 sources. (282K) Compare v1.07 sources. (11K) The Editor v2.30 sources. (281K) EditPrint v1.4 sources. (37K) HardBack v1.5 sources. (181K) Media Manager Special Edition sources. (99K) Payroll v3.0 sources. (93K)

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