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Last Updated: 07/02/19 (4KB) - A Random Access Database for names and addresses in SuperBASIC [4/10/04] - Address List. A small Database to keep all your Addresses on file. Needs Toolkit II. (2K) - Address Book. A simple, easy to use Address book with Telephone numbers.  Needs Pointer Interface (Ralf Biederman) (6K) - Address Label Database. A small database to store and print address labels on an Epson printer. Needs RAM Disk and Toolkit II (Steve Johnson) (14K) [21/05/14] (48KB) - Mail Merge and Address Book for use with Archive [4/10/04] (53KB) - Archivist was published by Ark Distribution and written to work with the Archive Run Time Package. It provides an easy to use interface for maintaining archive records. It's now been made freeware. [26/03/16] (51KB) - For supply on microdrive cartridge, this is MDV1_ files. (3KB) - and this is MDV2_ files. (72KB) - Utility for storing birthday details (Rainer Fieseler) [4/10/04] (48KB) - Cardfile is a program providing a friendly, but comprehensive database environment, based on a simple card index, and written to work with the Archive Run Time Package.
Each card can hold up to 42 fields covering things such as personal, company and mail addresses, as well as general information. The program also includes over 30 options, including computer assisted insertion, alteration, mailfile generation and printing of whole reocrds and single or selected mailing addresses. Now released as freeware by its publisher. Supplied as two microdrive cartridges, this zip file contains files from cartridge 1. (4KB) - this zip file contains the files from cartridge 2. (51KB) - Conversor dBase v1.1-Spanish dbase/Archive conversion (P.Reina) [4/10/04] (47KB) - HyperHelp Data Design SuperBASIC interface help files [4/10/04] (184K) - DATAdesign v3.08 from PROGS [27/04/14]
DATAdesign.pdf (676K) - manual for DATAdesign, PDF file (388K) - the manual for programming with DATADesign, in a zipped file containing both .odt and .pdf versions. The applications Programming Interface (API) allows you to program in BASIC, assembler and C. [17/04/15]
Data Design API - the applicaton programming interface for Data Design version 3. Includes engine v3.11, 3.14 and 3.16 and some text and PDF files. Thanks to Markus Dettweiler for recovering these files. (419K)

N.B. DataDesign v4 may be found on the Prowess page. (212KB) - DBAS database engine for QL, v2.12 [4/10/04] (18KB) - DBAS updates file, update DATA_BIN and DBAS_BIN in older versions to latest version 2.12. [4/10/04] (182KB) - DBeasy software for Archive, by Bill Cable [4/10/04] (158KB) - DBProgs software for Archive, by Bill Cable [4/10/04] (185KB) - DBTutor (Archive Tutor) by Bill Cable [4/10/04] (107K) - A database of UK dialling codes in 3 formats - Archive _dbf, _exp export format and .txt plain text. (Geoff Wicks) [08/01/07] - Disktidy v1.12  A disk cataloguer that Keeps a record of the directory for each disk in your collection. Needs twin disk drives, or a hard disk plus at least one disk drive, Toolkit II, and a RAM disk. (Alan Pemberton) (43K) (218KB) - Easybase, a simple to use non-pointered database program with powerful printing facilities for labelling etc. A former commercial program, now released as Freeware. Version 0.65 fixes the mode-0 bug on Qx0 and QPC2 in high colour modes and a free memory value bug is also fixed. (D. Jones) [03/03/07] (18KB) - Family Archive database for family history (A. Carmichael) [4/10/04] - Photo Dbase   v1.01 A database of people with digitalized photos. Needs Toolkit II. (Salvador Merino) (45K) (207KB) - GNU Database Manager - key/data pairs management (J.Hudson) [4/10/04] (183KB) - K-Base database (M.Knight) [4/10/04] (326KB) (101KB) - PFdata is the PROGS table generator, a program to produce DATAdesign hardcopy using the PROforma system. Disk 1 contains the PFdata program, fonts and examples, while disk 2 contains the PROforma system and drivers. (J and N Van der Auwera) [27/04/14]
pfdata manual.pdf - PFdata manual as a PDF file (1.6MB) (53KB) - Older version of QBase front end for DBAS-needs menu_rext (PE) [4/10/04] (54KB) - More recent version of database front end for DBAS system(PE) [4/10/04] (20KB) - Source files for qbase_dist_zip (Daniel Baum) [4/10/04] (30KB) - Source files for qbase_pe_dist_zip (Daniel Baum) [4/10/04] (74K) - A new version of QBase released in 2017. Pointer driven, uses menu_rext (included).  Loads in 512x256 resolution, and is resizable. May be called with a command-line parameter, e.g. EX flp1_Qbase_obj;'flp1_data_dbs'. Note that this version doesn't work on a version JS ROM on QemuLator. (Daniel Baum) [13/10/17] (26K) - source files for QBase 1.01 (Daniel Baum) (27KB) - a list of QL software, books and magazines available up to about 1990 - a useful reference guide in Quill _doc format (over 20 pages) of early QL software (Emmanuel Verbeek)

QL Genealogist (379K) - A former commercial program for creating and maintaining a family tree database. Needs 1920K memory and HD disks to run. Released as freeware in 2016 as part of the RWAP Software 30th Anniversary celerations, the sources are included (C. Boutal & R. Mellor) [10/11/16] (61K) - Q-Pass is a utility to store your login and password details in an encrypted database, which can itself be password protected. Facilities to search the database, generate passwords for you, copy the passwords to stuffer buffer or Scrap and even add notes to each entry. You can print a neat list of the entries to keep a backup paper copy of all your important passwords! (D. Jones) [19/08/09] (16KB) - Old single field database (D.Jones) [4/10/04] (80KB) - Super Disk Indexer. Catalogue the files on your floppy disk collection with this handy little utility (Imre Dominik and D. Jones) [19/10/04] - String Box. String Box is a universal filing program in BASIC. It has the advantage compared with Archive that all data is in memory and thus unnecessary microdrive winding is spared. Through writing different Boot programs String Box can be made into an addresses file, or a records file, etc. (Herbert Zenz) (12K) - a pointer driven database based on the DBAS system. This is the freeware version 1.20, while version 2 is still a commercial software package available from Jochen Merz in Germany. Runs on QDOS with extended environment, or SMSQ/E. Also needs the menu extension. Read the readme text file supplied before attempting to use the program. Some example databases are supplied. (183K) (Wolfgang Uhlich/Bob Spelten jr.) [02/01/17]

SuQcess 2 - Bob Spelten jr. has now released the formerly commercial version 2 of the database program. Available in English, German and Dutch versions of v2.07. [07/02/19] - (182K) English version - (184K) German version - (185K) Dutch version

You can also find some demo versions of commercial databases such as Data Design, Index Optimum and Suqcess in the Demo Versions page on this website.

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