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A collection of demonstration versions of commercial QL software. Some have facilities such as Save or Print disabled, or may be cut down versions. Please note that the full versions of some of the older programs may no longer be available, or the commercial status may have changed. In some cases, the full versions have since been made freely available and may be elsewhere on this site - these demo versions will remain here for posterity. Please let me know if you are aware that some items on this page should not be here. - Address Book & Label Printer Demo. This program runs under ARCHIVE on a QL with at least 256K memory expansion, and prints to an Epson FX80 (or compatible) printer. The "demo" version has all the features of the full program except that, The code is "protected", and It will not save more than 12 records. Needs a RAMDisk. (John Ree) (34K) - Ambition Demo v2.00 A demo of a strategy game as sold by Care Electronics. Ambition is a Business Orientated Strategy Game for four players or teams of players. It simulates the business life of four competing entrepreneurs in the field of the Property Business. (Alex Waye) (70K)
- Banter Demo version. The Banter program is used to make banners and signs. Banners up to 4 pages wide (printed sideways) can be produced. Larger ones can be made by designing them in four page sections and sticking them together later. As this is only the demo version, printing does not work, although on-screen preview in miniature does work. (full version now available on Graphics page) (Nick Ward) (63K) (136K) - holds the Charvel Soft demo disk, containing:
3D and Elite Demos (5) by Dave Halls Barker, Robert James Nash and Mark Handley
Q-SPEC by Dave Halls Barker, a collection of basic extensions which allows the to load & save (ZX Spectrum compatible) to and from tape
Picture Show by Dave Halls Barker. - a small demo program that shows a different csize (character size) in an application sub-window. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (69K) [12/05/18]

CueShell File handling, job control etc system by Albin Hessler (28K) [5/12/02]

D-Day Mk II War games software from RWAP Software (69K) [5/12/02]

Data Design Data Design is a pointer driven database from PROGS (42K) [5/12/02]

Disa 2 Jochen Hassler's Disa disassembler v2e03 (26K) [5/12/02]

DiskMate 5 Disk utility program by Pal Monstad (64K) [5/12/02].
Note that the full version of Diskmate 5 has been released as freeware and may be found at ../files/index.html

Fleet Tactical Command 2 Naval simulation from Di-Ren (193K) [5/12/02]
A patched version allowing networking on QPC2 is also available from the Games page.

Flightdeck Flight simulator from Deltasoft, time-limited. (49K) [5/12/02]

Floppy Disk Utilities Explore and repair QL DD disks with this demo version (89K) [5/12/02] - holds the Rotating Head 3 Demo by Mark J Swift (77K)

Index Optimum Disk indexing program from Pal Monstad (56K) [5/12/02]

Launchpad - Demo version of this desktop GUI system for QDOS/SMSQ. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download the trial version of Launchpad. You can also download the full versions of its little accessory programs from that page.

Line Design v2.06 Demo of Profroma-based Line Design from PROGS (303K) [5/12/02] - Open World Demo. A demostration of this screen format conversion program. Used to convert screens from other computers to the QL. (Ergon Developments) (78K)

Perfection SE Demo of the Perfection wordprocessor from DP Ltd (58K) [5/12/02]

Q-Design Graphics program by Joerg Schiemann (120K) [5/12/02]

Q-Point Erik Slagter's BBS 'point' utility (45K) [5/12/02]

Q-Route Route finder software from RWAP Software (153K) [5/12/02] - QL Demonstration  v1.00 A very good demo showing the Psion 4, SuperBASIC and other QL Programs. (Sinclair Research Ltd) (20K)

QSpread QSpread is a spreadsheet program from J-M-S (26K) [5/12/02] - Qspread Demo v1.22 This is the demo version of the latest spreadsheet on the QL. Although older than the version above, this includes a German version and English/German ReadMe files. (55K) - QSpead Demo v1.33 This Spreadsheet demo will do anything the full version does except for saving files and printing, so you can do a lot of testing. Needs Pointer Interface, MENU_REXT, and MENUCONFIG. (Jochen Merz Software, Oliver Fink, Jochen Merz, Bernd Reinhardt). (83K) [22/05/16]

Relief is a demo program written by B D Hambüchen as an example of 3D programming techniques for Labochrome - unfortunately they did not proceed any further with the project.  It was inspired by Knight Lore on the Spectrum. For some reason it does not work on Minerva. Thanks to Rich Mellor for sending me this little program (2K) [05/04/14] - Screen Compression and Decompression System. This utility is a working demonstration of DJC's Screen Compression utility. This demo version can only operate in one compression format, that used by Image Processor. The full version allows loading of several QL compressed screen formats and conversion to this and The Painter compression formats among others. (Dilwyn Jones) (23K)

Sidewriter Sideways spreadsheet printing program from RWAP Software (102K) [5/12/02]

Speedscreen Speedscreen demo version from Simon Goodwin (18K) [5/12/02]

Spy Spy text editor from Ark and Q-Branch (38K) [5/12/02]

Suqcess DBAS-based database system by Wolfgang Uhlig and Bob Spelten jr.(173K) [5/12/02]

Text 87 Text 87 word processor from Software 87 (137K) [5/12/02]

Zm/ht and Zm/128 Spectrum Emulators Spectrum emulators from Ergon Development (304K) [5/12/02]

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