breton.zip - A short Breton-English lexicon text file (5k) [08/08/05]

English Dictionary (219K) - look up the meanings of thousands of English word with this useful little program. Includes an English dictionary as a set of ASCII text files and a viewer program. [17/07/05]

smalldic.zip (113K) - a smaller English 'pocket' dictionary, supplied as a Quill file (unfortunately only loads into Xchange Quill, not the original QL Quill) and a plain text file, which can be used with most of the viewer programs on the Editors and Viewers page. [08/08/05]

English/German Dictionary (262K) - an electronic dictionary which converts between English and German (either way). It is possible to use other language dictionaries which you can create yourself quite easily by following the instructions given in the package, e.g. by adapting some of the dictionary text files on this page. [17/07/05]

Expand QTYP Dictionaries - short BASIC program and compiled version to expand a QTYP dictionary into a plain text word list. Recommended for expanding the QTYP dictionaries listed on this page. (Geoff Wicks) (14K) [27/07/05]

Extract QTYP Dictionaries (2K) to screen or file (French program, no instructions) [17/07/05]

Extract QTYP Dictionaries (2K) - a short BASIC program to extract words from a QTYP dictionary to a text file, or list to the screen. Adaptable for different languages. Currently only extracts words beginning with A-Z, not with accented characters, but easy to change. [17/07/05]

Index (21K) - Lester Wareham indexing program v1.10b [17/07/05]

irish.zip - Irish/English language dictionary files [30K] [08/08/05]

manx.zip - A large English/Manx (Isle of Man) language dictionary as zipped plain text files (584K) [08/08/05]

QL Thesaurus - QL Thesaurus, based on Roget's classification of words, with a database of 23,000 words and phrases. The database can be edited by the user. A former commercial program, now freeware. (Geoff Wicks) (325K) [17/07/05]

USA Thesaurus Dictionary - USA spellings dictionary file for QL Thesaurus (Geoff Wicks) (163K) [17/07/05]

NL-Thesaurus - Dutch language version of QL Thesaurus (Geoff Wicks) (244K) [17/07/05]


Q-Dict screen imageA general purpose pointer driven front end for the plain text dictionaries below. This program lets you enter a word (or even a wildcard) in one language and it will search the text file dictionary for the meaning in another language. English-French and French-English dictionaries supplied, plenty more available below. Q-Dict lets you do case-sensitive or case-insensitive searches, and you can tell it to find an exact match, starting with a given string, ending with a given string, containing a given string, uaccented match (i.e. using unaccented vowel substitution), or wildcard matches using "?" and "*" wildcards. The dictionary search results are displayed on screen by default, but can be copied to stuffer buffer, Scrap system Menu Extension), to a file, or typed into a named job. The dictionaries themselves are simple plain text files with the search word/phrase separated from the meaning/translation by a colon (or tab character, though colon is preferred), e.g. house:maison. The entry and translation should be on the same line - the program handles lines up to 256 characters wide. Q-Dict is pointer driven, needs Window Manager 2 (a recent SMSQ/E or QDOS with pointer environment version 2.00 or later), toolkit 2, expanded memory and plenty of space for the dictionaries on your hard disk if you intend to use several dictionaries - as supplied the program and English/French dictionary should fit onto a DSDD 720K floppy disk. To add further dictionaries, just download the language pair you require and edit the list in the text file "qdict_rc" as explained in the instructions. Q-Dict supports the Home Directory Thing from Wolfgang Lenerz, or you can configure it to run from your choice of directory. Q-Dict can use the system palette colour themes if you use them on your system. The display is resizable if required. A ramdisk is not essential, but can speed things up as the program needs to create some temporary files as it runs.

qdict.zip Q-Dict program and English/French dictionary files. (D. Jones) (249KB) [20/03/09]

Q-Dict Dictionaries

A collection of plain text dictionaries, of various sizes, with the entry and meaning separated by a colon or tab character. These can be used in most editors able to read QL plain text files (e.g. QD, The Editor, QED, Spy, S-Edit). They have been converted to QL character set so I hope that the accented characters all display correctly. The only exception will be upper case accented vowel characters where the character concerned doesn't exist in QL character sets - mostly a problem in the Irish and Portuguese files. In these cases, the accented upper case characters have been converted to the nearest non-accented upper case characters, e.g. Ù may have been converted to U in Irish Gaelic files. To use some of these dictionaries on other operating systems, you may need to convert character set and/or end-of-line character (QL text files use linefeed only).

english_to_danish.zip (48K) danish_to_english.zip (43K)
english_to_dutch.zip (251K) dutch_to_english.zip (268K)
english_to_finnish.zip (24K) finnish_to_english.zip (21K)
english_to_french.zip (Supplied with Q-Dict) (94K) french_to_english.zip (Supplied with Q-Dict) (91K)
english_to_german.zip (112K) german_to_english.zip (105K)
english_to_irish.zip (13K) irish_to_english.zip (12K)
english_to_italian.zip (42K) italian_to_english.zip (38K)
english_to_latin.zip (27K) latin_to_english.zip (24K)
english_to_maltese.zip (3K) maltese_to_english.zip (3K)
english_to_norwegian.zip (21K) norwegian_to_english.zip (19K)
english_to_portuguese.zip (121K) portuguese_to_english.zip (118K)
english_to_scottish.zip (4K) scottish_to_english.zip (3K)
english_to_spanish.zip (60K) spanish_to_english.zip (54K)
english_to_swedish.zip (56K) swedish_to_english.zip (52K)
english_to_welsh.zip (9K) welsh_to_english.zip (8K)
- welshenglish2.zip Larger Welsh-English dictionary (265K)
smalldictionary.zip A small English dictionary (51K) englishdictionary.zip Larger English dictionary (163K)

To use these files with Q-Dict, just edit the QDICT_RC file in an editor to add the filename and short description as explained in the Q-Dict manual.

QTYP Dictionaries

A collection of QTYP dictionaries, covering many languages and dictionary sizes. QTYP is a spell checking program for the QL, originally written by Tony Tebby's team at QJump. QTYP is a commercial program from Jochen Merz Software and QBranch, which runs under pointer environment on QDOS and SMSQ/E systems. The QTYP dictionary format is proprietary as far as I know, and not used by another computer, so these particular dictionaries may only be used with QTYP. There are dictionary extraction utilities available which use QTYP extensions to extract words from the dictionaries, such as those listed above. Although I don't have space to put the plain text versions of the word lists on this site, I do keep copies of them and would be happy to supply them on request if you wish to write applications such as word-games which can use them, or to be used with programs like Geoff Wicks's Solvit Plus package. Most of these word lists are sourced from the internet and freeware CDs, with a few of the dictionaries from freeware QL software disks from various national QL user groups. Due to the sizes and number of these word lists, it's impossible to check them adequately, so I have placed them here in good faith and will remove any found to contain too many errors. I'm told that the notional best size for a spell-checker dictionary is about 60,000 words, for English at any rate, so a bit of trial and error may be required for you to find the best dictionary size for your requirements. To list the content of the dictionaries, use the QTYP_DED dictionary editor program supplied with the QTYP package. Start QTYP_DED, choose the Edit Existing Dictionary command to load the dictionary, then just scroll through it as required. The F3 command menu has a FIND command to jump to a particular word or letter group. Note that the filename of the zipped and unzipped dictionary files consist of the word 'qtyp_', the language name and the number of thousands of words, e.g. qtyp_danish25k.zip is a Danish language QTYP dictionary with approximately 25,000 words. [08/08/05]

qtyp_danish25k.zip (52K) Danish 25,191 77,452 bytes.
qtyp_dutch47k.zip (99K) Dutch 47,698 153,195 bytes.
qtyp_dutch72k.zip (134K) Dutch 72,645 183,061 bytes.
qtyp_dutch177k.zip (225K) Dutch 177,799 438,466 bytes.
qtyp_french89k.zip (43K) French 89,151 189,304 bytes.
qtyp_french136k.zip (77K) French 136,560 284,936 bytes.
qtyp_german25k.zip (63K) German 25,907 87,615 bytes.
qtyp_german48k.zip (64K) German 48,180 119,221 bytes.
qtyp_german82k.zip (78K) German 82,068 115,156 bytes.
qtyp_italian21k.zip (34K) Italian 21,691 43,614 bytes.
qtyp_italian46k.zip (66K) Italian 46,339 128,736 bytes.
qtyp_italian60k.zip (36K) Italian 60,418 142,311 bytes.
qtyp_italian87k.zip (81K) Italian 87,245 217,952 bytes.
qtyp_latin77k.zip (35K) Latin 76,990 155,904 bytes.
qtyp_norwegian61k.zip (97K) Norwegian 61,652 155,339 bytes.
qtyp_portuguese38k.zip (69K) Portuguese 38,294 132,085 bytes.
qtyp_spanish86k.zip (142K) Spanish 86,056 264,174 bytes.
qtyp_swedish23k.zip (40K) Swedish 23,482 68,368 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish11K.zip (22K) English (UK) 11,701 26,955 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish20k.zip (47K) English (UK) 21,110 61,650 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish25K.zip (54K) English (UK) 25,085 70,613 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish29K.zip (44K) English (UK) 29,855 58,071 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish35K.zip (56K) English (UK) 35,520 72,282 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish48k.zip (79K) English (UK) 48,859 104,014 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish55K.zip (73K) English (UK) 55,403 98,114 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish60k.zip (71K) English (UK) 60,387 100,043 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish70k.zip (99K) English (UK) 70,762 134,872 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish72K.zip (99K) English (UK) 72,041 135,237 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish75k.zip (105K) English (UK) 75,000 143,018 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish82k.zip (119K) English (UK) 82,060 161,039 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish93k.zip (128K) English (UK) 93,386 175,044 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish108k.zip (150K) English (UK) 108,917 206,163 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish115k.zip (159K) English (UK) 115,904 218,333 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish125k.zip (197K) English (UK) 125,909 268,359 bytes.
qtyp_UKenglish147k.zip (219K) English (UK) 147,321 300,635 bytes.
qtyp_UKUSAenglish300K.zip (509K) English (UK+USA) 308,079 718,279 bytes.
qtyp_USAenglish21k.zip (47K) English (USA) 21,110 61,649 bytes.
qtyp_USAenglish35k.zip (63K) English (USA) 35,475 86,935 bytes.
qtyp_USAenglish39K.zip (52K) English (USA) 39,213 69,213 bytes.
qtyp_USAenglish48k.zip (71K) English (USA) 48,292 94,246 bytes.
qtyp_USAenglish61k.zip (81K) English (USA) 61,336 110,200 bytes.
qtyp_USAenglish130k.zip (165K) English (USA) 130,792 234,467 bytes.
qtyp_USAenglish235K.zip (445K) English (USA) 234,236 638,624 bytes.


qlrhymes.zip Rhyming Dictionary for the QL, which has a database of 49,000 words that can be searched phonetically or by end letters. (Geoff Wicks) (96K) [08/01/07]

scotgael.zip - A set of text files making up a Scottish Gaelic / English lexicon (104K) [08/08/05]

macbain.zip - Scottish Gaelic. Alexander MacBain's Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language. A single rather large text file of about 18,000 lines of text. (394K) [08/08/05]

Spelling Crib - Look up and check word spellings with this QTYP-based program from Geoff Wicks. Includes a 65,000 word English dictionary, but can use any QTYP dictionary. Spelling Crib requires you to have Toolkit 2, Pointer Environment and the QTYP typing checker on your QL system. (Geoff Wicks) (164K) [07/04/05]

Style Checker - A style checker for Quill, Perfection, Text 87 and ASCII files. Quick Check assesses sentence length, long word use, passive use, punctuation frequency and estimated reading level. Standard Check is a sentence by sentence analysis of the document checking the quick check points plus word repetition, hidden verbs, negatively constructed sentences, mismatched or missing quotes and brackets and incorrectly used words. There are 21 user-configurable items plus a database of difficult words that can be edited by the user. A former commercial program, now freeware. (201K) [17/07/05]

stijl.zip - Style Checker, Dutch language version (Geoff Wicks) (140K) [17/07/05]

Suggest - Add on for the QTyp device to suggest word spellings. v2.03 (Lester Wareham) (74K) [17/07/05]

welsh.zip - A set of text files making up Welsh/English dictionaries. (578K) [08/08/05]

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