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Last Updated: 07.08.2007

Some files to aid the QL 68000 assembler programmer. There is some relevant stuff in the Super Gold Card manual too. In addition to these files, Norman Dunbar maintains a web page devoted to QDOS documentation and information, including many files to download . Click here to visit Norman Dunbar's site.

Qdos Internals(146K) QDOS Internals - A selection of QDOS internal information files from Norman Dunbar's website.
Level 1 Config information (4K) - for creating Level 1 Config Blocks for use with Config
Level 2 Config information (19K) - for creating Level 2 Config blocks for use with MenuConfig (4K) Article from QL Today about MenuConfig Level 2 and a list of registered config IDs.
BasConfig v1.13 - utility program by Oliver Fink to help create Level 1 Config Blocks for use in QLiberator compiled BASIC programs (34K)
68000 information (33K) - instruction set notes, etc. Click here for html version by Norman Dunbar (241K). - 68000 Machine Code Tutor. A 68000 assembly language programming course. This course is intended for people who  already have a little experience with programming in assembly  language on microprocessors like the 6502 and the 68xx series. (Mark van de Boer) (26K)
QDOS Low Level information (20K) - System Trap Calls etc documented.
Norman Dunbar assembler (258K) Norman Dunbar's Assembler Programming series from QL Today.
Ptr_Keys.txt (3KB) - keys for pointer device, from SMSQ/E sources
QDOS hints (3KB) - A selection of hints and manual updates on a variety of subjects.
680x0 Programmers Reference Manual (1301K) - Motorola M68000 family programmer's reference manual, incluing CPU32 instructions. Supplied as zipped Adobe PDF files
68040 User Manual (2012K) - A substantial Motorola document describing how the 68040 works. This is NOT the programmer's reference manual (see above). The files are in zipped Adobe PDF format A set of documents kindly supplied by Simon Goodwin about the Motorola 680x0 processors (575K) A suite of files from George Gwilt showing how to access Floating Point Units (FPUs) from QDOS and SMSQ systems. This is version 1.20 of the FPSave software and documentation. (48K) Articles supplied by Simon Goodwin on the subject of programming for FPUs. (87K) 68000 machine code tutor. These ASCII files are intended to help experienced machine coders from other processors to come across to 68000. (26K) QDOS System Variables list, including several undocumented ones. (11K) Example program listing from Jochen Merz showing how to use and free a button in QPAC2's button frame. (4K)

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