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Last Updated: 01.10.2019

SuperBASIC is the BASIC interpreter supplied as part of the Sinclair QL's QDOS ROMs. SBASIC is the upwardly compatible version which is part of the SMSQ/E package. Collectively, they are known as S*BASIC.

bugs.zip (11K) - An article from QL Today documenting 77 bugs in SuperBASIC of which the author (Mark Knight) was aware of, and a few notes on Minerva 1.97 problems.

rombugs.pdf (601K) - A series of articles from QL World describing bugs and features of the various QL ROM versions. The author is Simon Goodwin.

superbasic.zip (8K) - A document with a brief one line description of extension names in SuperBASIC, Toolkit 2, Pointer Environment files, common disk interfaces, QPAC2 and QMenu. A very useful quick reference guide.
sbasic.zip (10K) - A similar document for SBASIC keywords

versions.zip (4K) - An article about the various versions of SuperBASIC released over the years.

Toolkit Keywords List - Following a suggestion on the ql-users mailing list, that it might be useful to draw up a keywords list so that programmers have a reference source to help avoid writing extensions with duplicated names, François Van Emelen has sent me a large list of 3736 QL toolkit keywords, drawn up from a large number of toolkits and extensions sets for QL systems. Click here to download the list (22KB download). If you find an errors or would like to submit further information, please send the information direct to François via the email link above. The format is basically Archive export (two fields, quoted, with comma separator), the first field having the keyword name, the second having the source (which system the keyword came from). This list was last updated 28/10/06.

Alex Wells has kindly sent me an updated list of about 3100 keywords, the zip file contains various versions and formats of this list, which I'll just place here as I'm not sure if it is intended to supercede or complement François's list. Here's the text I received from Alex to go with the file:

The attachment contains EXTRA21.zip (version 2.1), zipped on a Q-40, with a lot of keywords in a .dbs file (for DBAS) and also in 3 text files. It replaces earlier versions from 1998 and Nov 2002. François van Emelen is to be thanked (or blamed!) for sending me additional material. I have formatted versions of the text files - ask me for Extra21f.zip - if you want to print them (2 plus 20 plus 24 sides on A4). The keywords come from toolkits 'LRESPR'ed usually on a Minerva or QDos/TK2 QL and using 'EXTRAS'. Many keywords are repeated in different sources. Additional words in each new toolkit which are already present in the machine are not listed by 'EXTRAS' after their first appearance (they are not extra!), and are therefore omitted from the Group and individual lists. Enjoy! Alex.
Click here to download extra21.zip (53K)

The most recent version of these lists of keywords is the collective work of Bob Spelten jr. and François van Emelen, and is a copy of the information on Wolfgang Lenerz's page at http://www.wlenerz.com/smsqe/addkeys.html, adapated to a Word .doc/PDF file.
Basic%20Keywords%20Index.doc (4.2MB) Word .doc version
Basic%20Keywords%20Index.pdf (2.1MB) PDF file

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