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Last Updated: 24.09.2021

IPC8049 CODE DISASSEMBLY - The disassembled source code for the 8049 second processor in the QL.
ipc8049.zip (18K)

JM ROM DISASSEMBLY - A disassembly and notes on the QL's version JM ROM.
jmrom.zip (223K)

JS ROM DISASSEMBLY - A disassembly of the QL's version JS ROM.
jsrom.zip (101K)

jsromasm.zip (169K) This one kindly supplied by David Westbury.

MINERVA - Laurence Reeves has kindly made available the sources and ROM image for version 1.98 of the Minerva ROM, a replacement ROM for the QL. There is a huge number of files, mostly assembler source files. Note that TF Services have said that Minerva Mk1 can be freely copied, while Minerva Mk2 may not be copied.
m198rom.zip Minerva 1.98 ROM image. (39K)
m198src.zip Minerva sources. (431K)

SMSQ/E SOURCES - The sources to the SMSQ/E operating system are available to those with an interest in its development. See the pages of SMSQ/E registrar Wolfgang Lenerz for details - click on the link below to visit Wolfgang's SMSQ/E pages:

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