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Last Updated: 01.12.2010

A selection of documents to help with getting to grasps with the Easyptr programming package (copyright Albin Hessler Software). The Easyptr tutorial is a gentle introduction to using Easyptr 3 or 4, while the other documents concentrate mainly on the new facilities introduced to Easyptr 4 by Marcel Kilgus when he updated the entire package.

Easyptr Tutorial (304K) - A simple introductory tutorial for the Easyptr package. The tutorial is by Norman Dunbar.

Colours Introduction (100K) - An article about use of the new colours and window manager colour schemes.

QCoCo Review (296K) - A review of a very useful program by Wolfgang Uhlig to help with using and creating new colour schemes - very useful when writing software with tools such as Easyptr. The QCoCo package may be downloaded from the Graphics page on this website.

eptr4scale.zip (52K) - An article about scaleable menus, which can be created in Easyptr version 4.

TurboPtr is an alternative system by George Gwilt for creating pointer driven programs, which may be used with the Turbo compiler. TurboPtr may be downloaded from the Turbo page on this website. George Gwilt has written many articles about this system, many of which can be downloaded from John Sadler's SQLUG website or from George Gwilt's website.

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