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Last Updated: 10.11.2014

A collection of indexes for various QL magazines.

International QL Report index (19K) A spreadsheet containing an index to IQLR magazine. Supplied in Excel (IQLR_Index.xls) and Abacus (IQLR_aba) formats. Compiled by Timothy Swenson.

QL World and QL User index (36K) A plain text file index to these original QL magazines, by Chris Adams. This is the original version, see below for the updated v2.2 version, this older version is kept for posterity.

QL World and QL User Index v2.2 (69K) A plain text file version of the v2.2 QL World Index. (99K) - QL World Index. an Archive database of more than 4,100 records listing the contents of QL World and QL User. QL World is covered from its beginning in August 1985 to September 1993, and QL User from the first issue in March 1984 to its merger with QLW in March 1986. This is version 2.0 of the index, kept for posterity, see below for a more recent version.

QLWorldIndex v2.2 (104K) - Chris Adams's QL World Index, now at version 2.2 with about 4,700 entries. This version covers all published issues of QL User (up to the point of its merger with Ql World in March 1986) and QL World right up to its eventual closure in May 1994. This version of the index is also Archive based (works on Xchange Archive too) and requires at least 320K RAM to run.

QL Today index - follw the link to the QL Today page on this website to download an index to the complete set of QL Today magazines.

QL_World_listings.pdf (305K) - a list of program listings published in QL User and QL World magazines, plus a few mainly large programs that were published only through the Microdrive Exchange. [03/06/14]

Quanta Index (32K) - A plain text file index to Quanta's newsletters. Could do with being brought up to date (any volunteers?)

Quanta Index 2 (52KB) - Quanta Index database from issue 1 up to 1991 (Chris Adams) [4/10/04]

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