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Last Updated: 02.07.2014

Anne Frank Resource Pack - a historical package, supplied zipped for use from 2 DD disks.
download Disk 1 (271K) [9/3/03]
download Disk 2 (104K) [9/3/03]

Artip - A typing tutorial program to help master the QL keyboard (Roger Hamilton) (45K) [9/3/03]

Chemistry - Periodic table, atomic weights and chemical symbols of elements (5K) [9/3/03]

Cluster - Simulate behaviour of stellar systems under influence of gravity (14K) [9/3/03] - Diet Text. A table of foodstuffs, giving their Calorie, Fiber, Carbohydrate, Fat, and Protein values of normal Foods. (10K)

Expanding Earth - Expanding Earth by S.Hurell, the Snoball Earth theory (175K) [9/3/03]

Fairy Tales for children - the Colour Fairy Collections from Project Gutenberg:
Blue Fairy Books (281K) [9/3/03]
Red Fairy Books (267K) [9/3/03]
Violet Fairy Books (266K) [9/3/03]
Yellow Fairy Books (246K) [9/3/03]

Gates - Logic gates tutor program (D.Jones) (4K) [9/3/03]

Chord-It - Chord-It is a guitar chords database by Quantum Soft, released as freeware with permission of the author. Written in SuperBASIC. (Phillip Sproston) (7K) [02/06/09] - Learn the guitar. A SuperBASIC program to help you to learn to play the guitar. (JY Rouffiac) (8K)

Heartbeat - see the workings of the heart (Mark Knight) (83K) [9/3/03] - Magna Carta. This is an english translation of King John's best known works. (24K) - Maths Basic. A Maths Package in SuperBASIC to calculate various mathematical functions. (10K)

Molecular Graphics - study molecules (Mark Knight) (207K) [9/3/03] - Multiplication tables. Learn and test your Times Tables, then have a Tables quiz. (Ron Allpress) (22K) [21/05/14] - REVISOR. A useful aid to revision. Whether you are a student, a teacher or just  want to learn you  should  find REVISOR indispensable. This version of REVISOR is for demonstration purposes only. It is identical to the full version with one important exception - Any files you produce cannot be saved onto disk or microdrive cartridge. (47K) - The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The play in ASCII text format. A sample of the "Classic books on disk series", That have been converted to the QL. (William Shakespeare) (57K) - William Shakespeare's Sonnets In ASCII Format. (William Shakespear) (41K)

Today What happened on a given date? Specify a day number and a month number, and this program will give you some information such as births and deaths on that date, quotes and events relating to the day. A simple to use compiled BASIC program for QLs with expanded memory based on data from Mike Kilmister of MJKSoft. A version of this program for Psion handhelds is available from the MJKSoft website. (D. Jones) (113K) [05/07/05]

Wordtest - A program to help with learning languages (Per-Erik Forssen) (27K) [9/3/03]
Glosprint - Interface between Wordtest and PrintJob by the same author (11K) [9/3/03]

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