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Updated: 04.11.2020

Front end and program launcher programs for the QL and compatibles.

Dev Manager (168K) - program execution utility. Store a list of your favourite programs, complete with DEV, SUB, etc settings for older less straightforward programs like Quill. Pointer driven. (D. Jones) [19/10/04]

Dock - a small docking station program from Wolfgang Lenerz. Pops up when you move the pointer down to the bottom of the screen. Needs a high colour GD2/SMSQ-E system. (W. Lenerz) (14K) [21/05/16]

EASE - Also known as Giga-Desk when it was formerly published by Gigasoft, E.A.S.E. (or Easily Applicable System Environment) is a user interface for the QL, it supports a desktop environment, described by the original publisher as being "similar to GEM". It includes pulldown menus, icons, really scrollable windows, a calculator and a game. This program enables the user to have access to all system functions in an easy manner. Can be used with the Giga Soft Mouse originally sold by ABC Elektronic. Now freeware, EASE is from the same authors as the Giga-Basic package available on the Programming page. (André Claaßen and Gerd-Uwe Neukamp) (66K)
EASE manual - scanned PDF file (178K)
GigaBasicAndDesk.pdf - Original Giga-soft manual for Giga-Basic (available from Programming page) and Giga-Desk, kindly scanned by Brian Bates. (5.6MB)
I have scanned a couple of reviews from QL World magazine to provide background information.
Review from QL World May 1986, PDF file (323K)
Review from QL World December 1986, PDF file (398K)

GAM or Graphics Access Manager is a simple graphical front end for the QL computers, which builds upon the QDOS system's core functionality while providing easy to use pointer driven environment. It is intended for all unexpanded pre-SMS QLs - should run OK on 128K systems. This is version 3.1 updated by Tomas Kral from original author Thomas Much's 1987 version 2.3. Tomas has updated the code to compile with Turbo, added serial mouse support and some extra functionality. (Tomas Kral) (22K) [05/02/15]
Tomas has provided a short manual as a PDF file - click here to download it. (53K) - Go! version 1.02 is a simple to use program launching front end. Text based, no GUI's here. Build menus and sub-menus with lists of the programs on your system and any special settings needed to run them (e.g. Go! can set DATA_USE, PROG_USE, DEV settings etc). Pointer driven, needs Window Manager 2 which means SMSQ/E version 3 or later, or QDOS with pointer environment version 2 or later. Expanded memory and Toolkit 2 also needed. (D. Jones) (61K) [29.08.07]

JAM - Job Application Manager is a front end desk-top manager program using an icon environment. Has its own internal dynamic ramdisk and job scheduler, plus notepad, calendar and calculator. Originally a commercial program, the authors have now given permission for it to be released as freeware. (M. Adler and K. Bahar) (21K) [20/06/16]
Manual - PDF file, German only (4MB).
Review - PDF file of a review from QL World magazine Spetember 1987. (272K)
Screen shot - a sample screen shot from the program (43K)

Launchpad - a program launcher and general GUI for QDOS and SMSQ/E operating systems. Launchpad is now freeware, along with its accessory programs, available here.

Qascade - v1.13 lets you set up program starting menus akin to something like a Windows Start menu, but with QL-specific features. Requires pointer environment. (Jonathan Hudson) (56K) [19/10/06]

Qascade - v1s14 is an enhanced version of Qascade, allowing use of System Palette colours and adding support for the "home directory" Thing. Needs pointer environment and Window Manager 2. (updated by Marcel Kilgus) (71K) [19/10/06]

QATS - QATS v3.04, otherwise known as the QL Application Traffic Supervisor, is a formerly commercial program from Cope, which was made shareware. It's a utility designed to reduce the number of keystrokes needed to perform housekeeping and task control on your QL. QATS is menu driven, and the menus can be tailored to your QL setup and way of working to maximise your productivity. Includes facilities for controlling the Psion programs and other executables, swoppers and Basic programs, wildcard filename processing file and job management facilities. Works best with JS or Minerva QL ROMs, some facilities may not work on earlier ROM versions. Several Quill _doc files included. Shareware - some facilities disabled by the author in this shareware version. (Gordon Henson) (139K) [18/02/14]
- scanned PDF original manual (1MB)

Q-Bar - a pointer driven taskbar and Start menu system for WMAN2 systems. Works on SMSQ/E version 3 or later, or QDOS with pointer environment version 2 or later. Includes an auto-hide feature where the taskbar and start menu 'hides' unless the pointer is within its area, and Q-Bar can be made to pop up when the pointer is held near the edge of the screen. Q-Bar can be configured to appear at the bottom, top, left, or right of the screen. Includes a Locate facility to search for files. v1.01 fixes minor problem with wrong sprite appearing for Locate icon in MODE 4 on previous version. v1.02 adds an Exceptions list where you can specify jobs (such as HOTKEY) which should not be shown on the taskbar. (D. Jones) (72K) [28/02/16] - QDesk   Although ideas have been taken from other desk-top programs : Lay-out as ICE from Eidersoft, and game as GDESK from ABC Electronic. This desk-top contains many features not found in other programs. ICE was taken as a basis but many features have been added. (Erwin Dondorp) (48K)

QDT - the QL DeskTop. Now freeware. (3.7M)
QDT Release 1.10 User - user documentation (3.57M)

Q-Dock - a neat little pointer driven dock software for systems with Window Manager 2. Supports alpha blended docks, with a wide range of docks and sprite icons supplied. Formerly commercial software now freeware and available here.

QTop - a front end system for QDOS computers. Formerly a commercial product from Cowo in Switzerland, this is now freeware. This is the last official release, version 1.23, from 1995. Does not require the pointer environment, but works well with it if present on your system. Includes the QTop-Desk (the actual system front end), QTop-Clocks, QTop-Demos, QTop-Animator, QTop-Index and QTop-Snap. (Urs Koenig) [04/06/15] - The runtime system (340K) - The documentation (1.3M) - The source files (136K)

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