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Last updated 26/12/21

Yes, that most essential of QLing accessories is here. Forget scantily clad women, forget cute and cuddly animals, forget country scenery, this is the QL Calendar. Every month adorned with pictures of something connected to the QL, this is the MUST HAVE QL accessory!
QaLender 2021
The 2021 QaLendar is available to download as either a Word or a PDF file
Download QaLendar 2021 as a Word .docx file (1.01MB)
Download QaLendar 2021 as a PDF file (216KB)
For collectors, older versions are still available to download (none were produced for 2015/16)
QaLendar 2014
QaLendar 2014

QaLendar 2014
QaLendar 2014
PDF file
QaLendar 2017.pdf,(1.1MB)
QaLendar 2014.pdf (0.5MB)
QaLendar_2013.pdf (328K)
qalendar2012.pdf (382K)
QaLendar 2011.pdf (636K)
qalendar2010.pdf (1.2MB)
qal2007.pdf (636KB)
QaLendar2006.pdf (979 KB)
QaLendar2005.pdf (792 KB)

Word .DOC/DOCX file
The QaLendar is a M$ Word document file (older versions zipped). Each can be edited in Word if you don't like them in their present form... The Word files are generally larger than their PDF equivalents, so will take longer to download.
QaLendar 2017.docx (5.7MB)
QaLendar 2014.docx (5.6 MB)
QaLendar_2013.docx (2.8MB)
qalendar2012.doc (177KB) - calendar frame only, to add your own pictures
QaLendar 2011.docx (1.34MB) N.B. .docx file for Office 2010
qalendar2010.zip (1.8MB)
qalendar2007.zip (2.7MB)
qalendar2006.zip (1.2MB) 
qalendar2005.zip (785K)

Alternative 2013 Calendar

Sjef van de Molengraaf has made an alternative calendar for 2013, also QL themed. Click here to download as a PDF file. (926K)

Some users have experienced difficulty with the 2012 version of the QaLendar, in particular trying to load the Word .doc version into programs other than Microsoft Word. Lee Privett has sought to rectify this, and here you can download a version converted by Lee Privett (6.4MB) as a zip file containing the PDF, updated Word doc and an ODT (open document) file.

More calendar utilities (including SuperBasic programs to help create your own calendar) are available from the Utilities page. Here are a couple of examples of the types of plain text calendars which can be created with the multi-cal program for example:
Year-To-Page Calendar | Monthly Planner

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