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Last Updated: 05/10/04

Ghostscript 6.0 probably requires a fairly modern QL-compatible system. The archive includes QDOS binary, source, documentation, startup files etc. If you haven't already got them, you can find TAR and BZIP2 (which you'll need to decode the Ghostscript archive) and Gzip (to decode the fonts archives) on the Archivers page.

This is the second release of Ghostscript 6.0 and adds drivers for ST800 and STCOLOUR devices. Please see the README.QDOS text file within the archive before starting to use it. Jonathan Hudson maintains this QDOS port of Ghostscript, you can find more about this program on the QDOS Software part of his website at Fonts are also available in the GNU GS font distribution.

qdos-gs6.0-2.tar.bz2 (3556KB) - Aladdin Ghostscript v6.0. Display Postscript, PDF etc

gnu-gs-fonts-std-6.0.tar.gz (1838KB) - GNU Ghostscript 6.0 standard .pfb fonts

gnu-gs-fonts-other-6.0.tar.gz (778KB) - GNU Ghostscript 6.0 other .pfb fonts. (48KB) - v1.12 Ghostscript front end for QDOS, by Graham D. Lutz

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