GST 68K/OS operating system for the Sinclair QL    


A page dedicated to the GST 68K/OS for the QL. I am grateful to Urs König for collecting this material for posterity, and to Rich Mellor for pushing me into putting all this material online.

The GST 68K/OS system was originally commissioned by Sinclair for the QL computer, but for various reasons was replaced by the QDOS operating system by the time the QL was finally launched. GST went on to sell the 68K/OS as an option for the QL. The system comprised a small circuit board, various software on cartridge and a few manuals. Unfortunately, at this stage. I am not able to include much of the microdrive-based software as the microdrive cartridge format used by 68K/OS is not the same as that used by QDOS for the QL If anyone is able to copy the cartridges and can supply zipped copies or images of them (and any other software cartridges for the 68K/OS), I will gladly add them here.

Selecting the 68K/OS rom image in the QL Configuration screen of QemuLator The 68K/OS startup screen 68K/OS after starting up
Selecting the 68K/OS rom image in the QL Configuration dialogue of QemuLator Selecting display mode as 68K/OS starts And how it looks after starting in 85 column mode System ROM image for 68K/OS together with a demo version of QemuLator which can boot up into 68K/OS for you to see what it's all about. The demo version was prepared by Urs König. (377K) [19/02/12]

GST_68K-OS_User_Manual.pdf - User manual for the 68K/OS system. Note PDF file size. (9.4MB) [19/02/12]

GST_68K-OS_Licence_SN1103_OrderForm_PR_Errata.pdf - Scanned copies of the licence document, GST order form and errata for the manual (695K) [19/02/12]

GST_68K-OS_Programmers_Reference_Manual.pdf - Programmers reference manual for the 68K/OS system.Note file size before downloading the PDF. (31MB) [19/02/12]

GST_68K-ASM_Assembler_User_Manual.pdf - Manual for the 68K assembler program from GST, used with the 68K/OS system. - Various scanned documents about the 68K/OS: copies of adverts, reviews, etc  (2.5MB) [19/02/12]

Utilities cartridge - the files from the 68K OS utilities cartridge, transferred via serial link to a Mac and the files zipped together here by QL Forum member, Dex. (29K) [22/04/13] - Some pictures related to the 68K/OS (Urs König) (1.25MB) [19/02/12]

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