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Last Updated: 05.11.16 - v2.6 AdvPrint allows a Seikosha GP-100a printer to print with true descenders and do bold. (Carl.L.Cronin) (15K) [16/05/14] -   AScd. v1.00 AScd lets you make Full-Colour or B/W QL screendumps on an APPLE SCRIBE printer.  (Carlo Delhez) (25K) - Screen dump routines for use with Canon BJC bubblejet printers (J. Grimbert) (51K) [14/02/05] - Cassette overlays for use in D.T.P. programs. Editor/DTP/Pro Publisher templates. (Jimmie Robb) (11K) - Columns Master v1.0 A printing utility to output text in in columnar form. The program permits new printer drivers to be installed and can operate on most plain ASCII files and Quill documents. The output may be in any number of columns that will fit across the page of the printer up to a maximum TOTAL width of 160 characters. (Derek Moody) (17K) - Program for printing diary pages on A4 paper (Peter Hamill) (8K) [14/02/05]

Deskjet-A5 (115KB) - Print 2 A4 pages side by side as 2 A5 pages of text on a single A4 page with this pointer driven program for HP Deskjet printers. (D. Jones) (115K) [19/10/04] - Program to print envelopes under pointer environment, compatible with all printers by means of configurable control codes, new version compatible with SMSQ/E and with an English translation of the instructions. (24K) (Thierry Godefroy) [23/09/06] - Screen dump from screen to Epson compatible printer (6K) [14/02/05] - Filter 24 Pin. A filter program for 24 Pin Epson printers. Needs Toolkit II. (2K) - GlosPrint. This program is an interface between WORDTEST and PRINTJOB. It requires a word list source file, eg. a file of words saved in WORDTEST. The output file is ready to send to the printer spooler (PRINTJOB). Includes Assembler source code.  (Per-Erik Forssen) (11K) - Graphics Tutor v2.1 and Letterbox v1.5 A Mini Tutoral on the graphics capabilities of Epson FX printers. Also a program to print boxed letterheads. SuperBASIC and Compilied versions. (Jimmie Robb) (11K) - v2.1 Hardcopy converter. (L.Cicala) (15K) [16/05/14] - Imagix Diamond v4.30 is a configurable screen dump which can print screens in a variety of ways. Both standard (task) and resident mode (job) with user defined hotkeys. Very fast, fully multi-tasking with variable priority and permanent flashing cursor. Mode 4 and Mode 8 supported. Grey shaded dumps with 1:1 aspect ratios (circles are circles). Dump whole or part of 32K QL screen. Portrait or landscape. Epson or IBM printers supported. (Emmanuel Verbeeck) (23K) - A Demo Program To Show Off The Capabilities Of The "STAR LC 10" Printer. (6K)

Mailmerge (60KB) - Mail Merge program for Quill and Archive. Create a document in Quill, mark where you want to insert data taken from given fields in Archive databases and print personalised documents for mailshots, etc. (D. Jones) (60K) [19/10/04] - Make postscript files from plain text files, C version complete with sources, ported by Marcel Kilgus, MPS version 2.1.0 (Richard Urena) (53K) [14/02/05] - Version of MPS above converted to SBasic by Marcel Kilgus, but without the command line interface (6K) [14/02/05] - NPARA. NPARA is a simple 'markup' program which reads files containing formatting directives and produces output containing control codes for an appropriate device. Includes 'C' source code . (Richard Kettlewell) (51K) - File printer program, lets you specify margins, page length, etc for plain text files (36K) (D. Jones) [14/02/05] - PCL. A utility to convert printer GRAPHICS codes for HP PCL3/4/5 printers to g3 fax (specifically QFAX) format. It has no knowledge of HP fonts; you *must* drive the printer in graphics mode. This program is known to work with (at least) QDesign and  LineDESIGN. Needs Toolkit II. (Jonathan Hudson) (23K) - A utility program to produce multiple column output from Psion Quill files, allowing the use of condensed, elite, italics, nlq, double height and double width characters, allowing sphisticated and appealing textual outputs, plus the inclusion of small graphics. Polytext is a halfway house between DTP and Quill, which can be used for producing leaflets, pamphlets and even small magazines. Quill _doc file manual included. (121K) (Nick Ward) [12/05/14] - Printermaster Plus is a utility for sending control codes to a printer. Drivers can be set up for a particular make of printer. Control codes are selected from a menu controlled by cursor arrow keys, press ENTER to send that code to the printer. (61K) (J. Haftke) [13/05/14] - A program to enable you to use all typefaces of your printer (17K) (Per-Erik Forssen) [14/02/05] - Proff - A portable formatter v1.1.2 A powerful text file formatter that can be used to format memos, reports, form letters and documents. By using imbedded controls codes. It can also be configured to mimic other formatting systems of similar nature. May need Toolkit II. (Franz Herrmann) (37K) - Printer Manager v2.3, French version. Control panel for all printers underpointer environment. Allows background printing and screen dumping. Internal TRA table. (30K) (Thierry Godefroy) [12/07/16] - Redirect printer output from PAR or SER to file (2K) (Phil Borman) [14/02/05] - pointer driven utility to print with SDUMP, the screen dump facility built into many QL systems (31K) (Alain Grenet) [14/02/05]

Q-Page (78KB) - File printer designed to work with documents created in The Editor, plain text files and SuperBASIC programs. (Mark Knight) (78K) [19/10/04] - Quick Posters is a simple text-only poster maker for Star LC printers v1.02 (66K) (D. Jones) [14/02/05] - An Xchange printer driver allowing Quill to generate HTML by printing to a file. Includes a Quill printer driver editor. (10K) (J.D.Mitchell) [14/02/05] - Sort & Column Print utility v1.05. Arrange text into columns, optionally sort lines of text into alphabetical order (42K) (D. Jones) [14/02/05] - Sort & Column Print utility v2. This version requires Window Manager 2 or later and uses System Palette colours. (93K) (D. Jones) [18/12/05] - SDUMP extensions for systems which do not have SDUMP built in. SDUMP is a screen dump utility for QDOS and SMSQ systems. SDUMP extensions are built into disk systems from Miracle Systems such as Trump, Gold and Super Gold Card, and supplied with some versions of SMSQ/E including QPC2. These extensions only work in screen mode 4 and mode 8, not in higher colour modes. (8K) [14/02/05] - a program to print alternate pages, to aid with double sided page printing. Needs Window Manager 2 (SMSQ/E or QDOS with pointer environment version 2 or later) (38K) (D. Jones) [19/07/06] - Sideway   Printer:  These 4 programs produce sideways screendumps on a 9 or 24 Pin printer which has Epson emulation. They were written particularly for a Panasonic KX-P1124 which has a carriage too narrow for printing from Easel. Includes 'C' source code. (Paul Roxby) (47K)

Sidewriter Former commercial program for printing text and spreadsheets sideways (landscape) to a printer - sources included (231K)(Graham Jones and Dilwyn Jones) - Print spooler for text files with facility to embed codes to denote control codes to indicate typeface, margins, tab distances and page lengths. v1.08 (7K) (Per-Erik Forssen) [14/02/05]

Tascopy - QL screen printing utility, contains programs to produce grey scale, monochrome and poster size screen copies to Epson-style printers. Previously a commercial program from Tasman Software, permission has now been given to release this and its companion program Tasprint as Freeware. Available in separate floppy disk and microdrive versions.
Download FLP version (14K)
Download MDV version (15K)
Download manual - PDF file (329K)

Tasprint - QL style writer program, with which you can print plain text or Quill _lis (print to file) files in a variety of fonts then use the Tasprint editor to insert codes to indicate print styles to be used, up to 6 fonts available. Previously a commercial program from Tasman Software, permission has now been given to release this and its companion program Tascopy as Freeware. Available in separate floppy disk and microdrive versions.
Download FLP version (15K)
Download MDV version (15K)
Download manual - PDF file (212K) - Text Formater. This is a simple filter which copies files to a printer (usually - you could output to an QDOS device, including the screen) expanding tabs and adding footers, headers and margins. Includes 'C' source code. (Richard Kettlewell) (14K) - Print Manager v2.3 is a control panel for all printers under pointer environment, allows background printing and screen dumping (30K) (Thierry Godefroy) [14/02/05] The Translator, a program to aid with printing accented characters from QL to a printer. Basic sources included for those who'd like to adapt the program to their own requirements. (D. Jones) (39K) [05/07/05] - Trans24 is a printer graphics filter which converts 9-pin Epson dot matrix graphics data in to 24-pin Epson dot matrix graphics out to printer. (31K) (Ralf Rekoendt) [14/02/05] - Type Direct. This program allows you to type directly to a printer, like a Typewriter. This program is considered to be better than using the command COPY CON TO SER, as the text is not sent until you press Enter. Giving you the chance to edit any mistakes beforehand.  (Gordon Wright) (6K)

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