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Updated: 11/12/18

PROWESS is the Progs Window Manager system, a new user environment for the QL with pointer environment. It contains all the system extensions from PROGS and is essential to run program which need these extensions - some software from PROGS themselves, or the Paragraph word processor for example. The Prowess package includes a HTML reader, a system for automatically installing programs onto your system and even a database engine based on the famous Data Design package from PROGS, and the ProForma package which provides vector fonts on your system. Best of all, Prowess itself is free to use - it's distributed under the GNU General Public Licence.

There's quite a lot of software connected to Prowess, so I thought it best to link to Joachim van der Auwera's website from where you can download the latest versions and access both information and other program package downloads. You can also access the source code and programming information if you'd like to get involved with that side of things. The site address is - that page includes a link to their site for downloading their QL software.

In addition, some program demo versions are available on the Demo Versions page, and fonts for use with ProForma, Line Design etc are available from the Fonts page.

Now that Joachim has pronounced that Prowess and associated files are open source and freely available, I can make them available here too. - ProWesS distribution. Unzip this on a HD disk and boot from that disk. You can then use the automatic installation (636K) - sources for the ProWesS calculator (18K) - sources for the global variables ProWesS program (11K) - sources for the ProWesS installation program (42K) - sources for the ProWesS loader (39K) - the sources for the ProWesS reader (86K) - special version of c68 prepared for compiling ProWesS applications (326K) - documentation for the PROforma SBasic interface (8K) - general programming documentation for PROforma (130K) - sources for all the PROforma drivers (127K) - sources for PROforma itself (486K) - documentation for the ProWesS SBasic interface (127K) - general programming documentation for ProWesS (77K) - sources for the ProWesS system (599K) - sources for the ProWesS types (103K) - sources for the DATAdesign engine (354K) - sources for the global variables thing (11K) - general programming documentation for syslib (92K) - sources for syslib library (dll's) (500K)

version.txt - version report all changes to all parts of ProWesS (24K)

Some ProWesS and Proforma documentation/programming manuals are available as eBooks from the eBooks page.

Applications for ProWesS - The DataDesign database application v4.06 (272K) - DataDesign v4.09 (255K) - DataDesign v4.12, just an update package consisting of English and German executables and a version.asm file which lists the update history. Updated by Bernd Reinhardt, this is apparently the first High Colour version. (65K)

Font Pack 1 - a 2 disk set of _pff fonts for use with ProWesS
disk 1 (1.3MB)
disk 2 (0.9MB)

Fontutils - A package of utilities to convert Type 1 (.pfa, .pfb and .gsf) fonts for use by PROforma, to view and print the fonts. (23K) - A file search utility with many useful options, such as search only files with given extensions, directory tree search, match space with a stretch of 'white space' and more features. Please note: this has been copied from a user's installation and as such is not the full installation disk (anyone have a copy of that?). HTML user guide included. (6K) - The LineDesign vector drawing application (162K) - print data from Data Design's _ddf files. A small script needs to be made to tell which fields to print and how. (11K) - PFlist is a program to produce listings. (18K) - Paragraph v1.07 by Francois Lanciault. A pointer driven Prowess based word processor from Canada.  (78K) - Paragraph v2.03 by Francois Lanciault. Version 2.03 of the pointer driven Prowess based word processor, now released as freeware by the author. (80K) - Printer Control Panel, by Wolfgang Lenerz. The purpose of this program is to enable you to use Xchange, or other programs that can make simple ASCII (or other) files, to print to some more modern printers, by using the printer drivers in PROforma.You may print your text to a new device called PFF, the data is then prepared by a filter for PROforma (provided a suitable filter is provided) and PROforma finally takes charge of sending the corresponding data to the printer, provided a suitable printer driver exists. PROforma has a certain number of printer drivers, notably those for Laserjets I-IV. Many modern lasers will be compatible with some of those. This enables you to print QL ASCII files to modern laser printers. (141K) - A file management program. It allows you to do all kinds of manipulations on files, like copy,move, rename etc. (30K) - The sources for the Prowess S*Basic interface. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (211K) - and the documentation in HTML and Quill DOC format (Wolfgang Lenerz) (232K)

Other Applications

Not necessarily Prowess apps, but require the PROforma font rendering system.

LineDesign v2.07 - PROforma based version of the vector drawing utility from PROGS (last version before LineDesign was made a Prowess-dependent program). Now freeware. Originally supplied as a 11-disk set, including the fonts and clipart disks separately downloadable below. Sadly, I don't have a manual for this - anyone have one I could borrow to scan? (323K) [31/07/16] - Line Design fonts, disk 1 of 5 (430K) - Line Design fonts, disk 2 of 5 (452K) - Line Design fonts, disk 3 of 5 (451K) - Line Design fonts, disk 4 of 5 (425K) - Line Design fonts, disk 5 of 5 (269K) - Line Design clipart, disk 1 of 5 (108K) - Line Design clipart, disk 2 of 5 (125K) - Line Design clipart, disk 3 of 5 (119K) - Line Design clipart, disk 4 of 5 (121K) - Line Design clipart, disk 5 of 5 (52K)

pfb2pff - a package of small programs to convert fonts from Adobe Type 1 .pfb files to the _pff format used by the PROforma system and Prowess. Includes programs to add kerning information and to print hardcopies of the fonts using the PROforma printer drivers. Includes a Quill doc file manual. Former commercial program, now freeware. (PROGS) (707K) [25/07/16]
pfb2pff manual - PDF file (247K)
batch_bas - a small BASIC program to automate and batch convert a set of Type 1 fonts to PROforma _pff font file format, to be used with the pfb2pff package. (2K) [28/07/16]

ttf2pt1 - this is a DOS program to convert Windows True Type fonts into Type 1 fonts, ready to convert to PROforma fonts with the pfb2pff. Note that ttf2pt1 is NOT a QDOS/SMSQ program, it should be run from a DOS box or CMD box in Windows (it seems to work on Windows 7, I haven't tried more recent versions). A short text file is included, with an example command line, or just start the program with no command switches to get it to display its built in help screen. Hopefully, this little program will help increase the number of free fonts we can convert for use with PROforma and Prowess. (67K)

pfdata - the older non-Prowess version of this package is available with older version of DataDesign on the Database page.

pflist - PFlist is a program to produce listings using PROforma. Listings can be made in landscape for more columns or wider lines, with a wide choice of fonts and fontsizes as you might expect of a program which uses the PROforma rendering engine. The name of a file and date can be added to a listing along with standard footer messages and page numbering. (PROGS) (281K) [28/07/16]
pflist manual - PDF file (2.385MB)

Introduction to PROforma - PDF file from PFlist manual. (132K)
PE and Menu Extensions - PDF file from PFlist manual. (197K) - A minimal PROforma installation for running PROforma based applications such as pfb2pff above. Includes just one font (Albatross), although the other fonts are easily added as required in the standard way by adding them to the PDfontmap. (148K)

ProForma Epson ESC/P2 Colour Drivers - A former commercial set of printer drivers from RWAP Software to add monochrome, colour and colour replacement (for LineDesign) Epson ESC/P2 drivers to proforma, supporting a faster version of the original 180dpi and 360dpi modes, as well as 720dpi. Full sources are included and include an unfinished 1440dpi mode. (75K)

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