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Last updated: 20/02/18

"QL2002 The DVD" was shot on location at the 2002 Quanta AGM and Workshop in Manchester. It gave an insight into the QL scene, 20 years after the QL was first conceived by Sincalir Research.

Presented by Darren Branagh (filmed, edited and produced by Stephen Reyal), there are interviews with key players in the QL world, historical information, a tour around the dealers' tables and a look in on the Quanta AGM itself. The original DVD was published by Q-Celt Computing in Ireland.

In 2018, Darren Branagh kindly gave permission for this to be made freely available to view online and for the .iso image you can download below to make your own copy of the DVD.

The running time is about 34 minutes. Please note that even zipped it's close to 3GB long!

ql2002.zip (2.8GB) - download and unzip this to create ql2002.iso then use any DVD burner software which can burn a DVD from an ISO image.
ql2002_sleeve.jpg (1.4MB) - JPG scan of the DVD sleeve.

Darren Branagh kindly supplied some links to individual chapters of this DVD on You-Tube. The individual videos were prepared in slightly reduced quality by Urs König. These links are to Urs's group:

Main title:

Walkthrough at the Show:

Introduction by yours truly:

Bill Richardson interview:

Tony Firshman interview:

Quanta AGM footage, including John Taylor, the late Bill Newell, Roy
Brereton, the Gilpins, and others:

Link to the channel group:


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