Picture of a SDHC card in a QL fitted with QL-SD

Last Updated: 09/05/2022

Thanks to the work of Martin Head in preparing this, here is the complete Qubbesoft P/D library of QL software from those early days of the QL.

Presented as either a zipped collection of floppy disc images, or a QXL.WIN containing all the floppy disc images (use whichever is best on your system), this gives the chance to own a healthy sized collection of QL software from earlier days. Note the size of the collection files before downloading if on a slow or metered internet connection.

Documentation for the library available in a selection of formats.

QUBBEsoftPD.zip (50MB) - the library as a zipped collection of floppy disc images.
QUBBEsoftPD_win.zip (49MB) - the library as a QXL.WIN containing all the floppy images.

qubbesoft pd.docx (61K) - descriptions, Word document.
qubbesoft pd.odt (45K) - descriptions, as an open document text (.odt) file.
qubbesoft pd.pdf (100K) - descriptions, as a PDF file.

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