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Last Updated: 10/05/15 Apocrypha - The Deuterocanonical Books Of The Bible, in QL plain text format (287KB) [22/09/06] Bible Companion v4.31QL, a QL port of a Bible study aid (123KB) [22/09/06]

Bible Dictionary - text files with explanations of Biblical words and terms, from A to Z. Note that there is no 'X' dictionary. You can simply browse through the text files with a text file viewer and use a SEARCH command to search for explanations for given words. The text files themselves are in some cases very large (some more than 200kilobytes in length), so may only be read on a machine with sufficient memory. They unzip to 5 floppy disks in total. [22/09/06] Disk 1 (157K) Disk 2 (226K) Disk 3 (237K) Disk 4 (232K) Disk 5 (181K) English Translations Of The Bible: A Brief Critique - contains answers to questions about the new translations of the Bible today. Questions arise such as, "Are they all needed? Which is the best translation? (73K) [25/09/06]

King James Bible text, as QL plain text files. Unzip to 8 floppy disks in total [22/09/06] Disk 1 (122K) Disk 2 (194K) Disk 3 (199K) Disk 4 (208K) Disk 5 (226K) Disk 6 (114K) Disk 7 (203K) Disk 8 (149K) Dead Sea Scrolls - English translations of parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, along with some notes on them. (2K) [22/09/06] Hymnal Database: A special database of more than 4200 hymns from six different hymnals; plus the user's own hymnal database. Search routine for titles. Information on title, author, composer, church year,scripture, style, format, meter, theme and subject matter, and verse. Shareware. Ported to the QL by Dilwyn Jones. Original PC version of this software by Sheryl and John Washburn of Software Sharing Ministries. See HYMNS_TXT for full copyright information and Shareware registration details. (432K) [25/09/06]

Illustrated Religious Extracts - Passages from the Bible illustrated with simple black and white line diagrams and pictures. Ideal for children - armed with a simple to use art package, they can colour in the pictures and read and learn the Bible extracts while so doing. Supplied as QL 512x256 mode 4 QL screens, usable with most QL graphics packages - the zip files expand to 6 floppy disks. Disk 1 (162K) Disk 2 (157K) Disk 3 (163K) Disk 4 (167K) Disk 5 (162K) Disk 6 (113K) Bible Scriptures in the original Koinee Greek. Uses Sinclair QL Quill word processor documents . These discs contain: (1) A copy of QUILL patched with greek characters, (2) Separate copies of the two founts GREEK_chs and GREEK_eps. (3) The Twentyseven New Testament Nestle Greek Scripture books in Quill word processor _doc files. (George T. Morris) (577K) [25/09/06] The Mega Sermon Collection by Rev. Thomas O. Scarborough. This is a collection of about 150 sermons as plain text files on disk. (799K) [25/09/06]

The text of the NIV Bible, QL plain text, unzips to 13 disks [22/09/06] Disk 1 (147K) Disk 2 (144K) Disk 3 (136K) Disk 4 (137K) Disk 5 (154K) Disk 6 (142K) Disk 7 (90K) Disk 8 (164K) Disk 9 (165K) Disk 10 (118K) Disk 11 (155K) Disk 12 (165K) Disk 13 (25K) Parallel Passages In The Gospels Of Matthew, Mark, Luke And John. This package presents, in table form, a reference list which allows you to find major passages in the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In addition,copies of the four gospels from the King James Version of the New Testament are included. Also, two extra text files listing the miracles of Jesus and parables are included. (226K) [22/09/06] - A Heart Released. The Teachings of Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatta Thera. Ajahn Mun (1870-1949), one of the forefathers of the Thai forest tradition of Buddhism. (23K) Religions Of The World - This small set of text files provides some background information on many of the major religions of today and some of the less well known ones as well. From Christianity to Zoroastrianism, from Buddhism to Mormonism. (Charles Colwell) (79K) [22/09/06] - Tannisho. This is a revised translation of Tannisho: Lamenting the Deviations, first published in 1977 by the Buddhist Study Center, Honolulu. The original version was meant to be used primarily in study classes, and the translation was experimental in nature. Contains the sayings of Shinan. (Taitetsu Unno) (33K)

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