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Updated: 03/05/17 - v1.01 of a front end shell. (23K) (Oliver Fink) - QC Shell is a shell program for the GST C Compiler. The shell commands are written as SuperBASIC procedures. Enter rthe command HELP for a list of available commands. (2KB) - QDdrive v2.00. A device manager and shell. A second version is supplied in _bas and _sav form, slightly edited syntax to allow to run in SBASIC. (23K) (M V Mitchell) [16/05/14] - QDOSh is a shell front end for QDOS (14K) (S. D. Telford) - "Quick & Dirty" Command Shell for QDOS (15K) (Peter Szymanski) - RShell v1.04 is a Remote Shell program, intended to allow full control of your system over a phone line, as well as having a local mode. It was written to allow the author to control his BBS system via a phone line. Needs Toolkit 2. (29K) (T. Godefroy) - The Shell - A simple Unix-style command shell for QDOS and SMSQ. (170K) (Adrian Ives) - External 'Set' command for The Shell (16K) (Adrian Ives) - Local Environment display v1.01 - This utility displays the contents of the local environment to stdout. It is only really of use in conjunction with The Shell (14K) (Adrian Ives) - LS v1.02 is a utility to display a directory on stdout. It produces an MSDOS-style directory listing and allows MSDOS-style wildcards (* and ? wildcard specifiers) rather than the QDOS-style double underscore. LS is promarily intended to be used with The Shell above, but can be executed from a basic session with EX, passing channels and a command string as required. (25K) (Adrian Ives) - (18K) A version of the Unix command 'ls' for QDOS. (Peter Sulzer) [25/04/17]
ls Program for QDOS.pdf (181K) PDF version of the instructions. - Some useful Unix-style command line utilities that can be used with The Shell. A subset of those included with C68. (120K) - some more useful Unix-style command utilities that can be used with The Shell.(42K) (Richard Kettlewell)

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