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Updated: 30/08/16

ZeXcel v0.33

Written by Davide Santachiara and Marco Ternelli . Now compatible with 65536 colours mode of QPC2, QXL, Q40 and Q60. ZeXcel is the first and only ZX emulator for the QL which makes full use of the extended environment and it is the only one which supports SMSQ/E 65536 colours mode. ZeXcel can be used with SMS2/SMSQ monochrome screen drivers too. It can emulate a Spectrum 128k +2 or a standard 48k ZX Spectrum with or without Interface 1 emulation. Zexcel can read Z80 snapshot files (so it is fully compatible with Z80, the PC Spectrum emulator written by Gerton Lunter) or ZTA tapefiles. The original Mode 4 and Mode 8 colours modes are still supported if 65k colours mode is not supported by your emulator or hardware. ZeXcel does not contain utilities to convert ZX tapes or discs into a suitable QL format (for that you will need ZM/128 or ZM/hT systems) - ZeXcel documentation, though complete, assumes you already know how to use ZTA or Z80 files. If you need a full tutorial this is included with ZM/128 or ZM/hT system. Please note you need the Extended Environment (or SMSQ/E) and Menu extensions to run ZeXcel. This version of ZeXcel is freeware.
Download ZeXcel (180K)
Download seven ZX games for ZeXcel in .z80 format (121K)

zexcel_patch.zip (3KB) ZeXcel ROM PATCH - This is a small BASIC patch program by Phoebus R. Dokos to patch ZeXcel to allow the inbuilt rom image to be replaced by other ones. The patch is known to work with Gosh Wonderful, SDOS-64 and Pentagon ROMs. Further details in the short README.TXT file in the downloaded zip file.


This is a 48k/128k Spectrum emulator with Interface 1 emulation. Features: Dynamic hardware selection, AY-3-8912 3-channel soundchip emulation, clever memory bank switching for fast 128k Basic emulation (usable even on Gold Card), Z80 monitor, Z80 and ZTA file support, very high compatibility. Speed: >30% ZX speed GC, 80% SGC, >100% QXL.
zm128.zip (109K)


ZM/hT is a state-of-the-art high technology Z80 dynamic compiler. This is the only Spectrum emulator for QDOS which runs at a reasonable speed on Standard QLs (eg. Trump Card) or at full ZX speed on a Gold Card (on the QXL it really flies, >300% Spectrum speed is normal).
zmht.zip (216K)


ZM/Accessories allow you to 1) convert Disciple, Plus-D, MGT, Opus-Discovery disks into a suitable format; 2) read directly ZX tapes through the QL NETwork port; 3) convert Speculator files & snapshots into ZTA/Z80 format and vice-versa. Backuppers allow you to transfer ZX tapes via network/serial port with Interface-1
zmac.zip (72K)

ZM/128 and ZM/hT Manuals

zmdoc.zip (184K)

ZM/128 & ZM/hT system (demo)

Spectrum 48k/128k emulators written by Davide Santachiara and Marco Ternelli. The ZM/hT system comprises: two Spectrum emulators, ZM/128 and ZM/hT; ZM/Accessories to convert Spectrum tapes/disks into a suitable format; 96 page manual. The ZM/128 system includes all the above stuff except the ZM/hT dynamic compiler - ZM/hT is a code compiler which converts Z80 machine code to 68000 instructions as it runs.
NOTE: This is an older demo version of this package, retained here for posterity.
Download ZmX emulators (301K)


A QDOS port of a Spectrum Snapshot to _z80 converter, to allow several Spectrum snapshot files to be used in the .z80 format used by most Spectrum emulators on the QL
Download SPconv (127K)


Spectator is a Z80 Emulator in a 48k Sinclair ZXSpectrum environment, written for the Sinclair QL and its clones. The Z80Emulator is able to execute programs written in the Z80 machine code language.The ZX Spectrum environment includes the original ZX Spectrum ROM plusZX Interface 1 ROM (edition 2) and additionally caters for "hardware compatibility" such as keyboard reading, screen output control and redirectingof signals originally heading for devices such as tape, Microdrive and RS232. Written by Dr Carlo Delhez.
Download Spectator (73K)


This is the first release of SPECULATOR, a freely distributable 48K ZXSpectrum emulator package for Qdos micros, written by William James,with help from Dave Barker, Simon N Goodwin, Mark J Swift & Dave Walker. Note - decompress the archive with QDOS LHQ, see Archivers Page. I had to use LHQ rather than QL ZIP since ZIP could not handle files of non-standard QDOS file type used by this package for the various Spectrum file type encoding.
Download speculat.lhz (241K)

GDOS Reader

A QL and Thor reader for other UK disk systems. This can read  disks written by MGT SAMDOS, MasterDOS, ZX Spectrum GDOS, G+DOS, BetaDOS, and UniDOS (root files) from SAM Coupe or SDI, Plus D or double density Disciple. The task can cope with MasterDOS directories of up to 198 files, or more with minor tweaks and extra task dataspace. GDOS and SAMDOS disks are limited to 80 files by the DOS. Full source code provided.
GDOS.zip (19K)

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