The Library

Picture of a SDHC card in a QL fitted with QL-SD

Last Updated: 26/05/2022

Thanks to the work of Martin Head in preparing this, here is the complete PD library of QL software called simply "The Library". It was originally the work of Phil Jordan, developed from a collection by SJPD some years previously. It contains a massive 220 disc packages, many containing more than one disc per package, in fact it runs to over 480 discs in total, a complete and comprehensive library of QL software.

Presented as either a zipped collection of floppy disc images, or a QXL.WIN containing all the floppy disc images (use whichever is best on your system), this gives the chance to own a healthy sized collection of QL software from earlier days. Note the size of the collection files before downloading if on a slow or metered internet connection.

Documentation for the library available in a selection of formats. (132MB) - the library as a zipped collection of floppy disc images. (132MB) - the library as a QXL.WIN containing all the floppy images.

The Library.docx (329K) - descriptions, Word document.
The Library.odt (182K) - descriptions, as an open document text (.odt) file.
The Library.pdf (379K) - descriptions, as a PDF file.

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