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Last Updated: 02/09/19

This page is dedicated to the vDrive add-on for the QL. The hardware was designed by Charles Ingley and available from https://vdrivezx.com/vdriveql/ . Firmware update downloads and installation manual, and user manual available from that site too. Plus, there is a version of vDrive for the ZX Spectrum too. Available via http://www.sellmyretro.com and via https://www.tindie.com/stores/CharlieIngley/

If anyone would like to make available any more software, documentation, or articles about this interface, please email it to me.

Copies of the Psion software (Abacus, Archive, Easel, Quill) for QL packaged up for use as vDrive MDV images are available from the Psion software page on this site.

The following MDV images (note: these are NOT zipped) were prepared by Andrei Tenu. The originals are on the Games page on this site.

Assault.MDV - Assault and Battery game (171K)
Cavern.mdv - QL Cavern game (171K)
MCosmic.MDV - M-Cosmic game (171K)
MCrunch.MDV - M-Crunch game (171K)
Metropol.MDV - Metropolis game (171K)
MTreasur.MDV - M-Treasure game (171K)
Qbert.MDV - Q-Bert game (171K)
QLGames.mdv - QL Games Cartridge (171K)
Speed.MDV - Speedfreaks game (171K)
Spook.MDV - Spook game (171K)

Or if you prefer download all 10 games as one zipped file here. (236K)

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