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Updated: 23/06/04

A ZX81 emulator for QDOS systems. Xtricator v1.75 is written by Dr Carlo Delhez and runs on just about any QDOS or SMSQ system. Nostalgia or what? (The ZX81 was my first computer!)

I've also included some software for use with the emulator, there's quite a lot of such software out there on the web - many ZX81 emulators use the same format.

Xtricator (167K) - the emulator itself

1kchess.zip (1K) - Chess in just 1K memory!

3dmomaze.zip (6K) - 3D Monster Maze

hi-z.zip (10K) - An Assembler/Disassembler/Debugger package for ZX81

izx81mg1.zip (31K) - International ZX81 Magazine issue 1 (Martin van der Zwan)

izx81mg2.zip (43K) - International ZX81 Magazine issue 2

mazogs.zip (7K) - Mazogs maze game for ZX81

mcoder2.zip (9K) - Integer compiler for ZX81 Basic

zx102.zip (139K) - 102 assorted programs in .P format for ZX81 emulators

zx81pt81.zip (7K) - Utility for converting ZX81 programs between P and 81 formats

ZX81_Fileserver.zip - ZX81 QZ FileServer. The program is designed to let a ZX81 take full profit of the hardware of a serially connected QL (e.g. diskdrives, RAM disks and printer). Needs Toolkit II, RAM Disk, and the Pointer Interface. Also required is an RS232 Interface for the ZX81, Communication software, and Example ZX81 programs. (Not supplied) See the Xtricator package. (Carlo Delhez) (58K)

ZX81_Utilities.zip - ZX81 Xtricator Utilities. Two utilities for Xtricator files. -  Convert2 v1.02 A utility to convert disks produced by QZ Fileserver v1.3/Xtricator v0.79 or earlier, to QZ Fileserver v2.0/Xtricator v0.80 or later (Carlo Delhez). And ZX81 List utility v111192 Reads a .P format Xtricator file, and converts it into a text file giving system variable information and a ZX81 BASIC listing. (jack Raats) (24K)


A user on QL Forum has created a ZX81 simulation that runs on QLay in a DOSbox running in a browser window! Try it out here http://zxsimulator.orgfree.com/

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